18 Of The Most Worthless Movies In The History Of Cinema

    "It is an offense to both God and man."

    We all know that feeling. You finish a movie, and you can't believe you just wasted two hours of your life that you'll never get back.

    Well, Reddit user u/Ok_Frosting6152 recently asked, "What is the most worthless movie you have ever watched?"

    The thread quickly went viral with nearly 30,000 responses! Here are some of the top-voted answers:

    1. Cats

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    "It was the only film I ever considered walking out of."


    "I knew what I was in for. I tried so hard to behave myself in the cinema. But watching respected, award-winning actor Sir Ian McKellen frantically lick and slurp milk from a bowl was too much, and I lost it."


    2. Fifty Shades of Grey

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    "I thought it would be so bad that it's funny. It was kind of funny for the first 10–15 minutes, but then it was just reallyyy boring and poorly made. Not outrageous enough to be entertaining, but bad enough to be frustrating."


    "It was Twilight fan fiction before it became...whatever the fuck it is now. Explains a bit honestly."


    3. The Human Centipede movies

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    "I feel bad that these were ever wrought into existence."


    4. Disaster Movie

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    "Had a rare opportunity to visit my dad, and this was the movie we decided on. Should’ve gone to the park. We love most of the parody movies, but there wasn’t a funny bit in it. Genuine waste of time/money."


    "Could NOT have picked a better name for the worst-rated movie ever."


    5. After Earth

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    "That movie sucked so bad. I love sci-fi so I really thought it would be good given the premise. But they got so many things wrong. It seemed like they were lazy."


    6. Eragon

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    20th Century Fox


    "Some things need to be forgotten and Eragon (the movie) is definitely one of them."


    7. Open House

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    "I felt disrespected for watching that piece of shit."


    "What the actual fuck was this crap? God, it was terrible. No one reacted anywhere near normal for what was happening around them, even for a horror movie. Nothing made sense. Plot points went nowhere. So infuriating that I couldn't even feel scared."


    8. The Emoji Movie

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    "It was a soulless corporate husk of a movie built on ads. Literally, 'Ads The Movie.' There is absolutely nothing redeeming about the movie. It's morally, creatively, and ethically bankrupt. I'm actually angry remembering I wasted two hours of my life watching that fucking movie."


    9. Dragonball: Evolution

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    "This movie never looked or felt like the original source material at all."


    "The trailer has more dislikes than likes on YouTube."


    10. Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace

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    New Line Cinema

    "Did you know there was a sequel to The Lawnmower Man? Well, now you know. For the record, I didn't pay for it per se; my friend bought the first Lawnmower Man on DVD, and the sequel was included as a bonus because absolutely no sane person would buy it otherwise."


    11. The Last Airbender

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    "Saw this live-action film in theaters, and it was such a horrific letdown after the series. The acting was terrible!"


    12. Sierra Burgess Is a Loser

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    "The message is basically, 'It's okay to be a shitty person if you're insecure. Go wreck everyone's lives and then emotionally manipulate them into forgiving you.'"


    13. Artemis Fowl

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    "It was AWFUL. I loved the books as a kid and had such high hopes. The plot was changed so much that it’s barely the same story."


    "Artemis Fowl is an offense to both God and man."


    14. The ButterCream Gang

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    Feature Films for Families

    "My mom was guilted into buying this Christian-friendly movie from the church when I was a kid. It was about a gang of do-gooders – they referred to themselves as 'butter creamers.' I was probably 12 when I watched it and couldn't tell if it was supposed to be a joke."


    15. The Kissing Booth movies

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    "The reactions were like those kids' shows where the cartoons have to overreact to convey their emotions to the kids."


    16. Incubus

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    "William Shatner, in the only movie ever filmed in Esperanto. As good as you’d expect based on those two facts alone."


    "The story goes that on the opening night, a bunch of Esperantists showed up to watch this new film, but they had to leave the screening due to laughing so hard at the pronunciation."


    17. The Love Guru

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    "We fell asleep at some point, then the usher woke us up at 1 a.m."


    18. And finally, Mulan

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    "What made me SO MAD about the remake is they COMPLETELY ruined the entire point of the original. Mulan gets her ass handed to her at first because she is a normal girl who has never had any combat training. She is exceptional because she refuses to give up. In the new Mulan, she starts out an exceptional fighter. By giving her this power that allows her to fly through the air, Mulan is no longer an every-woman. She's a superhero. The point of Mulan is that ANY woman could be put in a position to keep up with men and be able to succeed. The remake trashes that and turns Mulan into the ONLY woman who could fight like that."


    Which movie have you seen that was completely worthless? Sound off in the comments below!

    Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.