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Women Are Pointing Out Stupid Myths About Women, And I'm Gonna Rip My Ears Off My Head If I Hear A Man Say One Of These One More Time

"That we all secretly hate each other."

As a woman, I know all too well that many men out there believe some ridiculous shit about us ladies.

Well, Reddit user u/BOBO24PLAYZ recently posed the question, "Women of Reddit, what is a 100% myth about women?"

And there were so many excellent (but infuriating) responses! Here are some of the top-voted answers:

1. "That we 'get loose' when we have multiple partners. I think it’s ridiculous that the majority of the guys I’ve met who say this don’t also think that those same women 'get loose' when they’ve been with one man for several years."


"I always explain to people that vaginas are designed to push out a bowling ball and go back to their normal size....Your penis isn’t gonna do much to that."


2. "That we can hold our periods in. Why do men think periods are like pee??? Gravity is no friend to women."


3. "That when we say that we are not interested in someone, we actually want them to try to persuade us 10–20 times more."


4. "That most of us orgasm through penetration."


Couple kissing in bed

5. "That we need children to have a fulfilling life."


"Or that all women have this super-strong maternal urge or want to care for babies or develop that maternal urge as soon as they have kids. I’ve known a surprising number of moms who said they don’t like kids, and although they love their own children, they didn’t ever feel that super-strong maternal bond with them."


"I'm 30, and I've never even held a baby. I don't think I ever want to, either."


6. "That we all secretly hate each other."


"I find it annoying how men seem to be SO sure that each time we women compliment each other, we are lying about it. Damn! Let me admire her shoes! She has good style!"


7. "That we're all good at multitasking. Bro, I can barely do one thing at a time."


8. "That we have all dreamed of our weddings since we were little nuggets."


Groom and bride kissing at their wedding underneath a flower arch

9. "That we are a mystery. I am sick of telling people exactly what I want and hearing, 'Well, yeah, but what do you really want?' I am not lying or playing games. You know what women want? To be treated like human beings, with respect, like anyone else!"


"Yes! I think a lot of men see us as a mystery primarily because we're not saying what they want us to."


10. "That lesbians 'just haven’t had the right dick yet.' Sirs, I regret to inform you: There is no magic penis out there that will change our sexuality. I know you love the little fellas and think they’re magical, but for us lesbians? I swear to you, they are not, nor will they ever be, magic."

"In the wise words of Mike Wazowski: 'Put that thing back where it came from or so help me.'"


11. "That we can’t have fulfilling platonic friendships with men."


12. "That we only have cats or small dogs. That large dogs are men's pets. That's so weird and wrong."


"Lots of us women like big dogs because 1) they're adorable and 2) they're protective."


Golden retriever looking happy on the grass

13. "That 'girls are more mature.' No, girls are just punished much more severely than boys for behavior that all children exhibit. Boys only seem less mature because we do not demand maturity from them at a young age the way we do from girls."

"Girls are forced to suppress being human, and boys are forced to suppress emotions other than anger. It's a recipe for broken adults."


14. "That we pee and bleed from the same hole."


15. "That we only sit around talking about men, makeup, and gossip. Women talk about abstract ideas plenty."


16. "That women who are attracted to men love muscles. That's true for some women, to an extent, but I know very few women who are attracted to bodybuilders."

"A lot of the young women I know prefer a softer physique. Several of us are actually attracted to men with belly fat."


Man with big muscles lifting weights

17. "That we're 'naturally' better at tasks related to housework and childcare."


18. "That we all think alike."


"Women aren't a hive mind."


19. And finally, "That we want to see a pic of your dick. We don't."


What are some common misconceptions you've heard about women? LMK in the comments below!

Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.