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    These Cats Can Jump So High That I'm Pretty Sure Nowhere Is Off Limits In Their Houses

    And their owners deserve one too for putting up with it!

    It's no secret that cats love to leap wherever they can...but some felines have figured out how to completely defy gravity!

    Check out these soaring cats from TikTok...

    1. This definitely isn't the first time this cat has made this leap.


    Jumping into the weekend. What are you doing fun this weekend?! #cats #catjump

    ♬ Astronaut In The Ocean - Masked Wolf

    2. Sign this guy up for the Olympic high jump.

    3. This one was a close call.

    4. Nothing (and no one) can get in the way when it's dinnertime!

    5. Perfect form from this cat! 

    6. Loretta can not only leap but can impressively climb too! 

    7. This feline was THIS close to ending up taking a bath in the river.

    8. Not going to lie, I didn't think this cat was going to make it.

    9. Anya's mom wasn't even phased by this cross-kitchen leap.

    10. Amazing jump but RIP to that chandelier.

    11. The catnip is just one leap away!

    12. This jump was a lot higher than I thought it was going to be!

    13. 10/10 leap from Loki!

    14. Opal even surprised her owner with that jump!

    15. Bonus points to this cat for absolutely camouflaging with his surroundings.

    16. Sal may have been told not to do this, but it's still impressive.

    17. Another very close encounter with water.

    18. Tom straight-up flew across the living room.