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    This Week Was Especially Tough, So I Thought You Might Like To See Some Animal Tweets

    One can only hope to come back as a Bookstore Cat™ in one's next life.

    1. First off, this lil' kitters showed off their ✨duality✨:

    Twitter: @wtffnoaugh

    2. This therapy dog did NOT look all that comforting — still adorable, though!!!!!!!

    Twitter: @avanthigovender

    3. This rat made the most of all the flooding in New York City:

    Flooding in NYC is on another level

    Twitter: @VolBlood

    4. Just.......EVERYTHING about this:

    my bf got me flowers shaped like my dog for our 7 month anniversary

    Twitter: @kanoajung

    5. This tiny muffin bb enjoyed their new flower cat tree!!!!!!!!!

    Twitter: @ciaraturnerart


    This is my cat's expression when I forgot to feed him on time

    Twitter: @michaelscat2

    7. This owl cosplayed as a Karen:

    Twitter: @theerkj

    8. No comment, just INTERNET!!!!!!!! EXPLORER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Twitter: @petfindernames

    9. This Bookstore Cat™, who clearly must've done something good karmically in a past life, lived my dream:

    i want to be a bookstore cat in my next life

    Twitter: @cosmicsolace

    10. This kitten went a̸͈͛̎͌s̸̻̣̼̉̏̄̀̍d̶̖͋̂ͅb̸̗̎͂r̸̭̻͆̽̂́̿̊g̸̭̠͓̗̲̝̀̏͛̐͋k̴̲͇̈́̽e̸̗̾͂́̆l̷̞̞̙̃͋k̸̙̈́̎̕ļ̶̛̗̺̓̇̌̈̕l̷̦̟̗̏͛̏:

    Twitter: @quenblackwell

    11. Two words: FAIRY. KITTEN.

    If you are having a bad day, pls look at my cat.

    Twitter: @ArtReemi

    12. This edit that, speaking as a dog parent, hit just a liiiiiittle too hard!!!

    them: u let ur dog on the furniture???? 😮 my dog:

    Twitter: @97Vercetti

    13. This Hissing Booth™ had a very lovely attendant!!!

    Twitter: @WholesomeMeme

    14. This lil' black bean burrito proved to be both ✨ooky✨ and ✨SPOOKY✨!!!!!!!!!!!!

    she's excited because she matches her new blankie

    Twitter: @pumpkibu

    15. This dog spoke for all of us right now, me finks:

    idk what this dog had been going through but same

    Twitter: @rexvibing

    16. Alas, the victims of a klepto cat were revealed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Twitter: @I_make_music

    17. This cat, aka @bigfootjinx on TikTok, gained a lot of fans!!!!!!!!

    yall i am literally obsessed with this cat i discovered on tiktok

    Twitter: @sapphicrogue

    18. This absolute CHÖNK found their new cat wheel to their liking:

    Twitter: @AckermansNicole

    19. THIS CAT SAT:


    Twitter: @1mshit_

    20. This hammock-lovin' kitters said, "Mind ya business!!!":

    just a cat in a hammock, keep scrolling.

    Twitter: @RESlSTS

    21. And lastly, I learned of this ancient dog carving that has seen thousands of years' worth of pats!!! 😭💕

    Oh, nothing. Just thinking about this carving of a dog, glowing gold from unknown thousands of pats from loving hands, over four and half centuries.

    Twitter: @korvys

    By all means, please feel free to share some adorable pet photos in the comments below. We all need 'em right now!!! 💕