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    These Tiny Cats Wearing Tiny Clothing Is The Adorable Content You Need Today

    Their outfits are absolutely purrr-fect.

    Who knew cats could look so cute in clothing? I mean, who knew cats would even allow you to put them in clothing!

    Here are some of the most fashionable cats on the internet...

    1. Angel is ready for absolutely any occasion.

    2. Coby the cat is on permanent vacation.

    3. Benson looks ready to live at a chateau in the South of France.

    4. Zappa is all about that haute cature.

    5. Tiffany would fit in at any summer music fest.

    6. This cat is bringing those nerdy chic vibes.

    7. Rover knows how to work a runway.

    8. Gina knows that pink brings out her eye color.

    Just hangin' out, doing cat things, wearing her little sweater.🤣 #Caturday #cats #CatsOfTwitter

    Twitter: @beckbjj

    9. Hipster cat, Poonchic, is straight out of Portland.

    10. I suddenly need a pair of Loretta's sunglasses.

    11. Rexie may only have two working feet, but he definitely knows what looks good on him.

    12. Between those wheels and that jacket, Raja is cooler than I could ever hope to be.

    13. This cat is giving The Cat in the Hat a whole new meaning.

    everyone pls look at my beautiful old cat wearing the hat i crocheted for her hnhnhmhh i love her so much

    @donatelleon / Via Twitter: @donatelleon

    14. Mini has a bowtie for every occasion...really! Check his Instagram.

    15. Glenn is ready to root on the home team in style.

    16. Princess Marina knows she's royalty and is going to dress the part.

    17. Sophie is both cozy and cute in her handmade sweater.

    18. Sonya looks like she's ready for her main stage set at Coachella.

    19. Loretta has both fashion sense and excellent taste in movies.

    20. Oreo is completely owning those yeehaw vibes.

    21. This tiny cat can pull off a holiday sweater year round.

    A photo of my small cat wearing her small sweater

    Twitter: @1mikaelams