29 Movie Opinions That Are Pretty Unpopular (Even Though Some Of Them Shouldn't Be)

    "I never understood all the hate for this movie."

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share an unpopular, but positive, movie opinion that gets this reaction:

    Flynn from "Tangled" facing dozens of swords

    Here were some of the best and funniest:

    1. "Moana is the best Disney film. Period."

    2. "Galaxy Quest is the best Star Trek film."

    3. "I think the Star Wars sequels are good, and are, in my opinion, better than the prequels."

    4. "Y’all, Revenge of the Sith is my FAVORITE Star Wars movie. Easily. By a landslide. Hayden Christensen got so much sh*t, and for what?"

    5. "Batman & Robin is the most underrated and undeservedly hated film of the franchise."

    6. "I don’t like all of M. Night Shyamalan’s movies, but people seem to universally hate Lady in the Water (which I found to be a really lovely and sweet movie) and The Village (which I loved!)."

    7. "Drop Dead Gorgeous is film genius!"

    8. "Frick, man, foreign movies with subtitles are where all the good content is, and if you refuse to watch a movie because you need to read the subtitles, you're missing out on A LOT!"

    9. "OK, I honestly find the live-action Cat in the Hat movie hilarious."

    10. "Frozen 2 is better than the first movie."

    11. "Into the Spider-Verse is better than most live-action superhero films."

    12. "I liked Russell Crowe as Javert!"

    13. "Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is an incredible fever dream of a sci-fi movie."

    14. "Donnie Darko is my favorite film of all time and brings me so much comfort in times of stress."

    15. "Kevin Costner’s Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is the perfect ratio of fantasy epic/campy fun."

    16. "The Phantom of the Opera movie is actually a pretty good movie."

    17. "The Princess and the Frog is a seriously underrated movie that doesn’t get the love it deserves."

    18. "Maybe this is just the bisexual in me, but IDK why people dislike the new Charlie's Angels so much."

    19. "Armageddon is a fantastic movie. It seems to have become a movie people love to hate, and I don't know why. It has everything I want in a movie: action, comedy, a love story —and a great Aerosmith song to boot."

    20. "Jesse Eisenberg played a FANTASTIC Lex Luthor."

    21. "Hot take: Horror movies were better in black and white and with the blood and gore kept to the viewers' imagination..."

    22. "I love the movie Watchmen."

    23. "I love Ben Affleck's Batman; he was the perfect older version of Bruce Wayne!"

    24. "I liked the new Ghostbusters movie and thought it was really funny."

    25. "The Matthew Broderick Godzilla movie is really entertaining and fun."

    26. "Out of all the Shrek movies, Shrek the Third is superior!"

    27. "I enjoyed the Cats movie."

    28. "The Aladdin remake got so much hate, and I don’t see why. It has great costume design and production value, and the songs were fantastic (especially the new songs, like 'Speechless')."

    29. "It’s perfectly OK to legitimately enjoy a movie that wasn’t critically acclaimed. Kind of sick and tired of 'cinema sins culture,' where it feels like a move has to be 110% perfect before it’s OK to enjoy."

    Feel free to add your unpopular positive opinion in the comments below!

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.