21 Black Cats That Prove How Lucky We Are To Have Them

    One crosses my path, I'm picking 'em up and snuggling them.

    I've had the fortune of meeting two wonderful black cats in my life, and I must say, I feel like they've brought me good luck. Like my niece-cat, Jyn:

    A black cat with glowing eyes

    So, in that spirit of my love for cats, here's 21 purr-fect little voids from r/blackcats that prove we are lucky to have them:

    1. Did somebody order a burrito? Extra whiskers:

    2. This black cat is ready for her closeup, Mr. DeMille.

    3. This adorably talkative kitty gives me big Bumble teeth from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer vibes. It's like a kitty toothpaste ad!

    4. Those eyes:

    5. I want to give this cutie all the head nuzzles:

    6. Insert "When You See It" meme:

    7. A major downside to being a cute black cat is the paparazzi:

    8. The Void-y Awards for best dressed and best spoken goes to:

    9. To the barricade!

    10. Shark Week is coming up in a bit, but this little one celebrates it year-round:

    11. I'm getting early 2000s vibes from her:

    12. "Give it here, Meow-foy, or I'll knock you off your broom!"

    13. Coming to TV soon, the black cat superhero-team "Night Cats." I would be glued to this bed:

    14. Speaking of superheroes, what I imagine if Spider-Man and Black Cat had a pet:

    15. The last thing you see:

    16. Y'all better leave some birthday wishes for Inky:

    17. A skeleton and black cat...just throw in some Chipotle chips and I'm in heaven:

    18. The most disinterested cutie ever:

    19. Look at this cat, looking like they're gonna tell me some wise advice on how to find a lost ring of power:

    20. A master of multitasking:

    21. And finally, this goober looks like they are thinking, "Paint me like one of your French cats."

    Comment below if you've have/had a black cat! Share their name with us!