21 Times Movies And TV Shows Used CGI When They Should’ve Just Left It Alone

    MY EYES.

    Personally, I would consider myself a fan of CGI.

    But, when CGI is bad, it's REALLY bad. Like, "live on eternally in my nightmares" bad. Here are just a few CGI examples that wake me up screaming in the middle of the night.

    1. This harrowing example from The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl:

    George Lopez as Mr. Electric in the film

    2. This poor, poor version of Rufus in the live-action Kim Possible movie:

    Rufus in the live-action Kim Possible

    3. Those terrifying Gushers commercials:

    4. The CGI version of Timmy Turner:

    CGI Timmy and 2D Jimmy Neutron shaking hands

    5. This grotesque terror from The Lawnmower Man:

    giant monster with veiny-piped body and a metallic head

    6. This monstrosity from V:

    woman unhinging her jaw to eat a mouse

    7. This freakish creature that was allegedly supposed to be a cat from Cats and Dogs:

    cat grabbing onto metal piece with its mouth open and fangs out

    8. Snyder and the troll from Barbie and the Diamond Castle:

    9. Tika from Barbie as the Island Princess:

    Tika (an elephant with makeup on)

    10. Pimm from Barbie in the Nutcracker:

    Pimm (a bat)

    11. The original version of Sonic from Sonic the Hedgehog:

    Sonic with smaller eyes/a more human face

    12. This abomination from Leo the Lion:

    a ram from the film

    13. Everything about ReBoot:

    two sci-fi characters

    14. Pappy from Rolie-Polie Olie:

    Pappy raising his eyebows

    15. Whatever was going on with The Rock in The Scorpion King:

    16. These beady-eyed motherfuckers from Christopher Robin:

    17. This horrifying version of Garfield from Garfield: The Movie:

    Garfield looking annoyed

    18. These cursed fellas from Dinosaur:

    19. Just every aspect ofThe Lion King (2019):

    Simba and Mufasa from the film

    20. The cheetah version of Kristen Wiig's character in Wonder Woman 1984:

    Cheetah in the film

    21. And finally...Cats. Just everything about Cats:

    two of the Cats in the film

    What CGI always freaks you out? Let us know in the comments!