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    People Are Calling Out Movies So Bad That They Actually Pissed People Off, And I Agree With Quite A Few Of These Myself

    "First time I ever experienced an audience booing at the end."

    This week, Reddit user u/RedditMayne posed the question, "What movie was so bad it actually made you angry?"

    And there were so many great responses! Here are some of the top-voted answers:

    1. Wonder Woman 1984

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    "Had so much potential and failed miserably. I don't know what Patty was thinking when she made this movie."


    "It was confusingly bad. It felt like a completely different person had been put in charge of it. At least Pedro Pascal and Chris Pine seemed like they were having fun."


    2. The Last Airbender

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    "Names were mispronounced, the bending was atrocious, and the actors were terrible. Such a missed opportunity for a great movie."


    "This movie pissed me off for sure. Don’t even get me started on the whole gang of earth benders moving ONE medium-sized boulder."


    "It was not only bad, it was a straight-up crime."


    3. Suicide Squad

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    "The entire movie feels like a parody of what bigwig studio heads want in a movie. The soundtrack choices, the dumb one liners, the incoherent plot, and the ugly visuals."


    "You can see kernels of what could have been a good comic book movie. Will Smith and Margot Robbie had good chemistry. Viola Davis was an excellent Amanda Waller… But so many bad choices forced by studio heads who wanted to duplicate what Guardians of the Galaxy pulled off, but they missed badly."


    4. Holmes and Watson

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    "I heard there were bad reviews for this movies, but nothing actually prepared me for what I was going to experience when I turned it on. It was beyond stupid. I didn’t laugh one time. Instead, I was repulsed and irritated. I turned it off. I couldn’t continue. I was actually stressed out by how absolutely awful this fucking film is."


    "My god. This movie was so bad I'd forgotten it existed, and now I'm angry again!"


    5. Cats

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    "Easily one of the worst movies I've ever seen. I thought it would be so bad it was good...wrong. It was so bad that when Andrew Lloyd Webber (the composer of the original musical) saw the movie, he went out and bought a dog. Seriously."


    6. Eragon

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    "When I was younger, I loved the books. When I saw the movie...well, I wish I hadn’t."


    "This fucker is why my hate for books to movies has been set in stone."


    7. Mulan (the live action)

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    "'Yeah, let's make the main character unlikable, remove the comedic relief, and add a random witchy lady so we can do cool CGI' –the writers, apparently."


    "In the remake, the main character was naturally talented, versus the original where she worked hard and grew to be as strong as the other soldiers through dedication. Seeing a girl with superhuman abilities be discriminated against is a lot harder to relate to than an average, misfit girl who proves herself with courage and determination."


    8. Jack and Jill

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    "So incredibly painful that I wish I could wipe it from my memory."


    9. Dragonball Evolution

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    20th Century Fox

    "I know the director apologized for making the film. I don’t care. It’s not enough. That crap pissed me off, and I only ever watched it once."


    10. The Kissing Booth

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    "I get angry any time Netflix tries to recommend that movie to me. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever watched."


    11. The Dark Tower

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    "I don't even know how you screw up something like The Dark Tower. During a time when every studio in the world was scrambling to jump on the cinematic universe train, and multiverses were starting to become a mainstream concept, why would you take a property with those concepts woven into the very fabric of the story and completely ignore it?"


    "You'd think that Stephen King's magnum opus would translate to an amazing movie. What we got was a rushed mess."


    12. Next

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    "The one where Nicolas Cage has the power to see into the future. Saw it in the theater. First time I ever experienced an audience booing at the end."


    13. The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

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    "I'd never understood how people could be so mad over movies being bad. Like how could they be that bad? Until I watched this movie in the cinema. I was furious by the time I was walking out of the theater."


    "How could they make the movie WITHOUT Rachel Weisz and still expect the same charm? The woman that plays Evie was detestable. I was actually offended by her performance."


    14. The Lion King

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    "Everything that made the original great, like facial emotions, was taken out."


    "I could not stand this. I walked out of the theater. All the magic was missing."


    15. Transformers: The Last Knight

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    "It was so bad, it made Revenge of the Fallen seem like a masterpiece in comparison."


    "Oof. I can't believe that Anthony Hopkins did that film."


    16. The Percy Jackson movies

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    "I love what Rick Riordan (the author) had to say about the movies, LOL. Dude fucking trashed them and said that he had no control over the films at all. If he did, they wouldn’t have been made how they were. Mad respect for him dissing how much they screwed up his baby."


    "I was looking forward to it for so long, and when I finally saw the movie, it really tore me up inside. I’m 26 now, and it still haunts me."


    17. The Emoji Movie

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    "The main human character got the girl in the end because of a fucking EMOJI he sent her."


    "I couldn't get past the concept of Patrick Stewart, a trained Royal Shakespeare Company actor, playing poop."


    "It was literally a ripoff of Inside Out."


    18. Dark Phoenix

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    "It was everything I didn’t want it to be."


    "They hired the same writer that wrote X-Men: The Last Stand. Because it's not enough to fuck up the Phoenix saga once; you gotta do it twice."


    19. And finally, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

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    "As soon as the opening crawl said Palpatine was back from the dead, I was apprehensive. Everything after that pretty much pissed me off."


    "What a terrible way to end a great franchise."


    Which movie was so bad that it made you angry? Sound off in the comments below!

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.