People On TikTok Tried To Test Their Cats' Intelligence, And It Was Both Sweet And Hilarious

    Some are smart and some are...too smart to be judged by this nonsense.

    Cats are getting put to the test on TikTok!

    In a new TikTok trend, pet owners are judging their cats' intelligence based on their response when held near a wall.

    A cat extends its arms towards the wall

    If the cat puts their arms out to stop themselves from hitting the wall, TikTok is deeming them a smart kitty. And if they allow their face to touch the wall...they don't quite pass the test.

    A cat smushes its body against a yellow wall

    While some argue that it's more a of test to see how much your cat trusts you, the results are hilarious either way.

    Watch these cats get put to the test...

    1. Leif absolutely aced the test. 

    2. Penelope unfortunately did not understand the assignment.

    3. Sir Pounce's usual intelligence did not shine in this test.

    4. Louis passed the exam while Luna...didn't do as well.

    5. It turns out cunning intelligence doesn't run in the name for Loki the cat, but his siblings nailed it! 

    6. The cats in this household didn't quite get it, but we'll cut Draco some slack since he's so cute and little.


    Apparently all my cats are dumb lmao #fyp #cats #draco #finn #harley

    ♬ Spongebob - Dante9k

    7. The first cat here is holding it down for the rest of the household.

    8. Angie's totally got this.

    9. Snow may not have excelled here, but at least he has a cool jersey!


    I ain't never seen two smart kitties. It's always one of them gotta be... less smart 🥲 #fyp #catsoftiktok #PerfectAsWeAre

    ♬ original sound - Kate’s Catlog

    10. Ruby was not interested in being involved in this test.

    11. Both Monty and Milo passed this test.

    12. I'm not sure if this was fair to Bubu 'cause they just have really short arms.

    13. Pixie and Halo were not invested in this test at all.

    14. This cat may have failed the test, but she sure is cute.

    15. These cats just look confused by what's going on.

    16. Poor Tigger didn't see this coming. 

    17. Iris provided the redemption arc this household needed.