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Don't Freak Out When We Guess Your Age And Sign Based On Your Netflix Choices

I can probably guess your moon and rising based on your choices too.

Ajani Bazile • 18 minutes ago

That Kid From "Stranger Things" Has A New Prank Show That Tricks People Trying To Find Work

After Gaten Matarazzo shared the news on Twitter on Friday, many users hit back against the idea of playing pranks on vulnerable people looking for work.

David Mack • 9 hours ago

Take This Quiz For An Underrated TV Show You Should Watch ASAP

Everyone needs a new show to be obsessed with.

Liz • 2 hours ago

Let's Find Out How Much You Were Paying Attention During "Black Mirror" Season 5

Hope you were paying attention! 🚨Some spoilers ahead🚨

If You Loved "Black Mirror," Here Are 17 Other Things To Watch On Netflix That Are Equally Freaky

If you were left wanting more, these recommendations will please you.

Luis Del Valle • 9 hours ago

The Rise Of The Rom-Com Schlub

Always Be My Maybe and Long Shot let their ambitious women have it all — because the men in their lives are willing to hold their purses. Mild spoilers!

Central Park Five Prosecutor Linda Fairstein Was Dropped By Her Book Publisher After Netflix’s “When They See Us” Premiere

The Netflix series, which premiered last week, sparked another wave of outcry about injustice in the case.

This Netflix Hack Will Change Your Movie Nights For Good

Finding a surefire winner of a movie just got 1000% easier.

23 Theories About "The Society" That Will Make You Say "Wait, WTF?"

I have no idea what I'm supposed to believe.


Which Boyfriend From "Always Be My Maybe" Are You Meant To Be With?

Are you meant to be with Marcus, Brandon, or Keanu??

"Lucifer" Deserves Another Season On Netflix, And Here's Why

"Crime-solving Devil... It makes sense. Don't overthink it."


Everyone's Either A Robert Or A Sol From "Grace And Frankie" — Which One Are You?

"Okay that lacked poise and I'm sorry, but I refuse to be irrelevant."


19 Times Netflix Was 200% Funnier Than It Was Supposed To Be

Suggestion for you because you watched Breaking Bad: Peppa Pig

"The Perfection" On Netflix Is Making Viewers Vomit, So I Watched And Here's How It Is

"The Perfection leaves viewers 'vomiting' after a gory mutilation scene."

22 TV Shows To Get Obsessed With This Summer

For those days when you need a break from the sun.

21 TV Moments From This Week That We Can't Stop Talking About

Killing Eve Season 2 came to a jaw-dropping conclusion.

Here's Your Guide To The Cast And Characters From Netflix's "The Society"

Because who wouldn't be obsessed with this cast after watching the series?!


Who Is Your "The Society" Partner In Crime?

If you want to survive, you need someone who has your back!

23 Questions I Have For "The Society" On Netflix

Where. Are. The. Bus. Drivers?

"The Perfection" Stars Logan Browning And Allison Williams Played The Creepiest "Would You Rather" Game Ever

"Is there a way for both of us to lose? I think that's how well we've done."


Netflix's "The Society" Is So Damn Good And Here Are The Memes To Prove It

Breathe if you agree that Grizz's man bun is iconic.

23 TV Shows People Used To Hate, But Now Love

This post is proof that some TV shows actually DO get better!

Here's Everything That's Coming To Netflix UK This June

Black Mirror, Girl's Incarcerated, Glee, and more!!!


25 Reasons "Lucifer" Is One Of The Best TV Shows Right Now

"Did the most skilled torturer Hell's ever known just fluff that man's pillow?”

Everyone Is A Character From "The Society" — Here's Yours

When it all goes to crap, do you play or work?


Which "H2O" Mermaid Are You?

Let's dive right in, shall we?

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