AD And Clay's Relationship Status, The Truth About Jeramey And Sarah Ann, And 12 Other Big Moments From The "Love Is Blind" Season 6 Reunion

    Trevor finally addressed rumors that he had a girlfriend while filming.

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    If you thought Love Is Blind Season 6 was a lot, you should have watched the reunion. From secret hookups to juicy never-before-seen footage, it was full of unresolved drama between the contestants. Here's all that went down.

    1. As many suspected, Jeramey and Sarah Ann did begin dating after filming. They've been together for almost a year now — ever since the day at the lake — and moved in together.

    Cast members on 'Love is Blind' reunion sitting on stage, with one woman in a light dress and another in a darker dress

    2. Jeramey said the claims that he was with someone before filming are simply "not true." He insisted he was single before being approached to do the show, echoing his previous remarks.

    From left to right: Sarah Ann, Jeramy, and Jessica sitting on the couch during the Love is Blind season 6 reunion
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    3. Trevor also addressed rumors that he had a girlfriend while filming. He claimed he wasn't officially with the woman and had informed her of his intention to go on LIB. "I told her that upfront. 'You and I are toxic together. If I meet someone in here, then I'm staying with someone in here,'" Trevor stated. However, the woman later shared texts that contradicted his story.

    Trevor standing on a set with plants in the background, wearing a checkered shirt and slacks

    4. AD and Clay revealed they didn't speak for "weeks" after their failed wedding.

    Clay and AD sitting and talking during the reunion

    5. Looking back, Clay admitted he'd made a mistake by not saying "yes" to her at the altar as he called AD "the love of my life."

    A closeup of Clay

    6. While Jimmy and Chelsea remain close, he's still estranged from his female friend after Chelsea revealed on camera that they'd previously slept together.

    A closeup of Chelsea

    7. Jimmy confessed Chelsea's loose lips were a "defining moment" for him that changed his view on marrying her. In hindsight, he realized he should have told Chelsea earlier when that became clear, but he didn't because he still loved her and wanted to see if it could somehow work.

    Chelsea, Jimmy, Brittany, and Kenneth sitting together on a couch during the reunion

    8. Johnny and Amy are very happy together. They wound up deciding against birth control and a vasectomy and consummated their marriage like usual.

    Johnny and Amy walking onto the set of the Love is Blind reunion

    9. Jessica and Chelsea have become close friends after competing for Jimmy's love in the pods. Jess's daughter Autumn even calls her "Aunty Chelsea."

    Chelsea posing for a photo in a halter neck dress with slit, hands on hips

    10. Ken said that, although it may not have looked like it, he took his breakup with Brittany hard, recalling that he called Clay distraught after they called off their wedding. Today, he and Brittany have become "extremely close" and talk "every day."

    Brittany looking at Ken as he speaks during the reunion

    11. Never-before-seen footage showed that Matthew was telling AD and Amber the same things in the pods. Although he previously said he was looking forward to discussing his side of things, he politely declined to attend the reunion.

    Matthew sitting on the floor in the pods

    12. But! AD revealed that she's seen him since the show. She gushed about how cute he was and recalled going on "two or three" dates with him after filming. Ultimately, she said, things fizzled because of their conflicting lifestyles.

    A closeup of AD

    13. There were also appearances and updates from former Love Is Blind contestants, including couples Matt and Colleen, Brett and Tiffany, Alexa and Brennon, Chelsea and Kwame, plus Gigi, Micah, and Izzy.

    A wide shot of the tormer from "Love Is Blind" in attendance at the reunion

    14. You'll be able to catch Micah, Jessica, and Izzy (now that he's got better credit) on the next season of Perfect Match.

    What did you think of the reunion? Are you hoping to see any couples back together? Tell me in the comments below.

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