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Dancing With The Stars

Podcast: They’re Not Ready To Give Up On The Planet Just Yet

"We’re not shying away from the dire scientific predictions, but we’re also not giving up, ever. This is a magnificent planet, and we love all the people who live on it and all the other creatures, too. So let’s figure out what we can do."

Why Michael Sam Can't Win

The openly gay athlete's turn on Dancing With the Stars underscores the career double bind facing all professional football hopefuls.

TV Ratings Now Focus On Who Will Watch In The Future

The start of the fall TV season marks the first real concerted effort by the big four broadcast networks – ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC — to highlight viewers for a show over a full week.The move reflects the shift away from live television viewing for entertainment programming and is aimed at prying more money away from advertisers.

Variety Shows

If Rosie O'Donnell's variety show (airing tonight) is a success, word is that the format could make a healthy return to television, what with others down the pipeline from John Mayer and The Osbournes.

Pat O'Brien Meets Real People

As a correspondent for The Insider -- the tabloid show he used to host -- O'Brien wrote a scathing e-mail to his staff, decrying the plight of the poor Iowans he met while on location (who can't afford "food, gas...or movies"), before lambasting one of the show's fluffier recurring segments about accessories, which he claims "make [people] want to vomit."

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