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    Skai Jackson Dedicated Her "Dancing With The Stars" Performance To Cameron Boyce, And It Was Such A Touching Tribute

    "I know that he'd be really proud of me."

    Last night on Dancing with the Stars, Skai Jackson turned her foxtrot into a touching tribute to her late Jessie costar and close friend, Cameron Boyce.

    Skai Jackson and Cameron Boyce at the Kids' Choice Awards together in 2014

    Skai chose the song "Ordinary People" by John Legend, and explained to her partner Alan Bersten that she wanted to dedicate the dance to Cameron.

    Skai says "he was in my life for half of my life. I met him on Jessie. He was a big brother figure for me and molded me into the person i ended up to be."

    Skai tearfully went on to say that she misses Cameron every day and has a picture of them together on her phone case.

    Skai showing a picture of herself and Cameron on her phone case

    "It makes me a little bit sad, of course, that he's not here," Skai continued. "But I know that he'd be really proud of me. I know that he loved Dancing with the Stars and he loved dancing. That's why I'm really excited to do this dance, because it is for him."

    "I'm really glad that he's here to watch over us and I just want to show him that this dance is for him."

    After that beautiful introduction, Skai and Alan went out and danced a stunning foxtrot to rave reviews from the judges — even scoring the first 10 of the season from Carrie Ann Inaba.

    Skai and Alan dancing the foxtrot

    Skai also encouraged viewers to donate to the Cameron Boyce Foundation, which was extremely important to Cameron.

    Skai saying, "He's part of why I did the show."

    And then she followed up with another tweet about the experience right after she got off stage:

    Just got off stage.. I did my thing for Cameron tonight ❤️

    You can watch Skai's full moving performance here:

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