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    JoJo Siwa Dyed Her Hair Brown, And I'm Hoping It's Not Only A Halloween Thing

    "Literally colored my hair and painted my toes."

    This is not a drill: JoJo Siwa is now a brunette!

    JoJo Siwa giving a thumbs-up

    Posting on Instagram, JoJo shared a pic with her Dancing With the Stars costar Jenna Johnson, writing, "It’s almost Halloween…. So today I decided to dress up as @jennajohnson 🤩."

    She added, "[M]ade sure I hit every detail from HEAD to TOE!!! Literally colored my hair and painted my toes🤣 definitely was worth it!!!"

    JoJo smiling with dark hair, hand on hip, and wearing a red halter top

    Now, this might just be a temporary look — but I'm personally vibin' with the brunette look.

    JoJo walking through a parking lot with brunette hair and carrying a duffel bag

    Plus, JoJo reportedly split from her girlfriend recently — and what says post-breakup living better than a hair change???

    JoJ in a denim jacket and a cellphone to her ear

    It's a look, is all I'm saying!!!

    Now, we have admittedly been down this road before. Last year, JoJo showed off her dyed-brown hair on TikTok — only to dye it back to blonde two days later!!!

    JoJo with long brown hair

    Hopefully we'll see this look for more than two days this time 'round!!!