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    Chris Hemsworth Is Hilarious And Adorable Dancing With His Wife, Elsa Pataky

    Get you a man who makes you laugh like Chris Hemsworth makes Elsa Pataky laugh.

    Elsa Pataky is in Spain to celebrate her birthday with her family – including husband Chris Hemsworth. Look how cute they are.

    @elsapatakyconfidential / Via

    It gets even better – Chris uploaded this video on Instagram, saying, "Gave my wife a dance lesson for her birthday, I should’ve given myself one too. 😬 Happy Birthday love. 😘"

    It is both hilarious and adorable.

    @chrishemsworth / Via Instagram: @chrishemsworth

    Especially when Chris realises he's made a mistake and pulls this face.

    @chrishemsworth / Via Instagram: @chrishemsworth

    He's clearly forgotten a thing or two since his Dancing with the Stars days.

    Remember that time Chris Hemsworth did Dancing with the Stars

    Although not this little hand movement.

    @chrishemsworth, Seven

    As if all that wasn't enough, Elsa also shared this video of Chris being smooth AF.

    Couple goals, honestly.

    @elsapatakyconfidential / Via

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