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    JoJo Siwa Just Made It To The Semifinals On "DWTS" After She Nailed A Very Adult Dance

    Top of the pyramid for sure.

    Siwa nation — RISEEEEEE.

    A younger JoJO smiling and laughing

    JoJo Siwa is officially competing in the semifinals of Dancing with the Stars on Nov. 15!!

    The 18-year-old former Dance Moms star absolutely nailed Monday night's salsa routine with partner Jenna Johnson, and then beat Olivia Jade and Val Chmerkovskiy in the dance-off.

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    Not only was the salsa dance an impressive feat of gravity-defying physics, but the rumba was....sensual, to say the least.

    They were really working all parts of that dance: face, body, and emotion.

    I know JoJo is 18 now and ~technically~ an adult, but it still feels kinda like watching your younger sister grow up in front of you.

    And she did it all while experiencing a severe pain running from her "hip to her head," that she later documented post-show on TikTok.

    JoJo limping saying her feet hurt because of five blisters

    Somehow, JoJo managed to dance through the pain and still pull out a win.

    JoJo says You wouldn't know it when I was dancing would you?

    I just know Abby Lee Miller is silently applauding somewhere.