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    How Well Do Rumer Willis And Val Chmerkovskiy Really Know Each Other?

    We put the newly crowned Dancing With the Stars champs to the test.

    From the very first episode of Dancing With The Stars' twentieth season it was clear: Rumer Willis and her dance partner Val Chmerkovskiy were the ones to watch. Because they were, good. Actually good. Like, worthy of a smile from Bruce Willis kind of good.

    As the season chugged along, one-by-one every other contestant was eliminated, which left only two people to take the crown — or in this case, Mirror Ball Trophy — and those two people were Rumer and Val.

    The winning couple stopped by BuzzFeed's New York headquarters the morning after their win to play a game we like to call the "BFF Test." After spending months rehearsing for hours a day together, we figure they should know each other at least a little bit. Here's how they did.

    What song does Rumer like dancing to the most?

    Val wrote, "The darkest most depressing music ever!!" and Rumer wrote, "When Val sings his own lyrics."

    Val: Her taste in music is like, you know, old school... We were thinking of songs for the freestyle and she was like, "How about this one?" and I was like —

    Rumer: It was the darkest thing ever.

    Val: I can't remember a lyric for my life. We rehearse these songs for like the entire week, like, six hours a day. So it's on repeat and I still don't know any of the lyrics. You know the Hozier song? We must have heard it for three weeks straight. (sings) "Your love has got humor... like a rumor... something something something ruler..."

    Rumer: It makes me so happy though.

    If Rumer could have partnered with anyone else, who would she have chosen?

    Val wrote nothing; Rumer wrote, "Only Val."

    Val: Good job. Now we can take the same ride home.

    What’s Val’s least favorite dance step?

    Val wrote, "Jazz Hands"; Rumer wrote, "When I turn with my shoulders up."

    Val: [To Rumer] Let's see. Yeah, I hate that.

    BuzzFeed: What's wrong with jazz hands?

    Val: I don't know, I'm a ballroom dancer so I just partner. The second she moves away I'm like, what do I do with my hands?

    What’s Rumer’s least favorite dance step?

    Rumer: It's so hard.

    Val: It's very unnatural to teach. Or to do.

    Rumer: In a week.

    Val: In a week.

    Rumer: I would have killed it in three months.

    What’s Rumer’s favorite dance of the season?

    Val wrote, "The one she danced with ME PS I mean I'm clever"; Rumer wrote, "Foxtrot"

    Val: What'd you say?

    Rumer: Foxtrot!

    Val: Oh. That one was good, too.

    Rumer: I was gonna write that, too, but I was like, No I can't do that. I've been saying too many nice things about you.

    Val: That's true.

    What is Val’s favorite emoji?

    Val chose and Rumer picked .

    Val: Inside joke.

    What is Rumer’s favorite emoji?

    They both chose .

    Rumer: 'Cause it's me!

    What is Rumer’s pet peeve?

    Val wrote, "She doesn't have any," and Rumer wrote, "FAKE ASS PEOPLE."

    Val: You don't have any!

    Rumer: ...That I tell you about!

    Val: She doesn't seem like she has any. I've never seen you be that irritated about somebody's actions.

    Rumer: That's why I'm a great actress.

    Val: [Looking at your answer] I was like, "Fake asses?!"

    Rumer: Oh! I have another one: When people spell my name wrong.

    What is Val's pet peeve?

    Val wrote, "1) Ear wax," "2) I like you more than your brother," "3) Say something in Russian," "4) Can you dip me?" and Rumer wrote, "When I look at the ground when we dance. PS my ears are really clean."

    Val: I have a lot.

    BuzzFeed: You get "dip me" a lot?

    Val: All the time! I usually just look at her and then look at all the women around her and say, "If I dip you, I gotta dip everybody."

    What word does Rumer overuse the most?

    Val: Ah, easy. "I'm so stoked, dude!"

    Rumer: OK, bro.

    What word does Val overuse the most?

    Rumer: Did I spell it right?

    Val: No, but that's it. It's a very bad word in Russian.

    Rumer: What'd you say?

    Val: Bro.

    Rumer: Or babe.

    Val: "Babe," "Blatt," or "Bro."

    BuzzFeed: What does it mean?

    Val: It's like the tofu of cuss language. It could be a good thing, a bad thing. It's like the F-word but has a little more soul to it.

    Who is Rumer’s favorite judge?

    Both choose Bruno Tonioli.

    Rumer: He's the best.

    What song does Val jam out to most in the car?

    Val wrote, "The rachetest of the ratchet hip-hop ever ...on a TUESDAY," Rumer wrote, "My songs/Download 'Toxic' on iTunes."

    Rumer: I mean, we did, for a little while, but not anymore.

    Val: What is that supposed to — that sounded like some old married couple. Well, we used to really jam, but now we just kind of jam.

    Who does a better impression of Bruce Willis?

    Val wrote Bruce himself; Rumer wrote Val.

    What is Rumer’s favorite Bruce Willis movie?

    They both chose The Fifth Element.

    Rumer: It's my favorite one, too!

    You guys did a lot of Dub Smashes throughout the season. Who's better at it?

    Val wrote, "I want to say 'us' but the truth is... ME!" and Rumer wrote, "We both kill it but Val's Beyonce one was Flawless."

    What food does Rumer hate the most?

    Val: Hate is a strong word.

    Rumer: It’s a strong word.

    What is Val’s favorite thing to snack on during practice?

    Val wrote, "Her soul"; Rumer wrote, "Jalapeno Chips."

    What's Val's guilty pleasure?

    Val wrote, "Nutella"; Rumer wrote, "Chess, Chick Flicks, Basketball."

    Val: That's not my guilty pleasure, I don't watch chick flicks!

    Rumer: Pitch Perfect 2 is a chick flick.

    Val: ...That was an accident.

    What is Rumer's guilty pleasure?

    Val wrote, "Jalapeno chips and gummy bears"; Rumer wrote, "Haribo Gummy Bears."

    Val: Nice.

    Rumer: Yeah.

    Val: We know each other so well!

    And finally: Who looks better holding the Mirrorball Trophy?

    Rumer wrote, "He does," Val wrote "She looks better period!"

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