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    "Mean Girls" Alum Jonathan Bennett Plays Grool Or Not Grool

    The former Aaron Samuels and current Dancing With the Stars contestant weighs in on 23 random things and reveals if they're Grool or Not Grool.

    Jonathan Bennett will forever be known to us as Aaron Samuels, the high school stud who looked sexy with his hair pushed back in Mean Girls. Now he's competing on ABC's Dancing With The Stars, where he's currently showing off his moves on the dance floor, which is pretty fetch. Jonathan stopped by BuzzFeed's Los Angeles office to play a little game of Grool or Not Grool. We asked him to tell us whether he thought a bunch of a random things were grool or not, and here's what happened.

    Responding to a text message with "K"


    Being fashionably late


    Shopping at Ikea

    90-degree weather

    One Direction

    Game of Thrones

    Wearing a denim shirt with jeans

    The way Viola Davis says How to Get Away With Murder



    High-speed car chases

    Buying a one-way ticket to Mars

    Waiting in line at Trader Joe's

    Fanny packs

    People who check their phone during a movie

    Sarah Jessica Parker, post-Sex and the City

    Breaking up over the phone

    Being gluten-free


    Being called Aaron Samuels in real life

    Lindsay Lohan

    Jonathan has another treat for Mean Girls fans on Monday's "Most Memorable Year" episode of Dancing With the Stars (8 p.m. on ABC) and gave BuzzFeed an exclusive sneak peek of the routine!

    Oh and P.S. Happy Mean Girls day!