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    Skai Jackson Opened Up About How "DWTS" Is Helping Her With Her Anxiety

    "During my teen years, I just really started to get anxiety."

    Skai Jackson, the iconic 18-year-old former Disney star who literally wrote the book on clapping back and is currently on Dancing with the Stars, opened up to People about her experience with anxiety after the latest DWTS episode aired on Monday.

    Although she is impressing fans with her moves on the dance floor, Skai admitted that getting up on that stage every week is causing her some anxiety, but mostly is helping her work through it.

    Skai Jackson and Alan Bersten dance a jazz number on "Dancing With The Stars"

    "The last few years, I’ve dealt with [anxiety] and not knowing how to get through it. It’s been really hard for me," she said. "Doing Dancing with the Stars really challenges that. I’m trying to break myself out of it in a sense and [I'm] fighting through it."

    Skai also said that her anxiety is somewhat of a new thing. "When I was younger, I didn’t really have it. During my teen years, I just really started to get anxiety. I would get stage fright when I would do certain speaking engagements and I always would get through them, but it was a really nerve-racking and hard thing to do."

    As of now, her friends, family, and fans are what bring her comfort during difficult times. "My friends are my everything. When I feel that anxiety, I always call them or text them and they talk me through it."

    It's pretty grounding to know that stars like Skai also experience mental health issues and are able to share their experiences to help bring awareness.

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