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    Steve Irwin's Daughter Bindi Spoke About His Death And It Was Heartbreaking

    "For the rest of my life, I'll kind of feel like he's going to come home."

    ICYMI, Bindi Irwin has been killing it on Dancing With the Stars.

    She slayed in week one while dancing to "Crocodile Rock."

    And was graceful AF during a beautiful waltz.

    But this week she dedicated a dance to her father Steve Irwin, using the song Every Breath You Take.

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    Before the dance, Bindi opened up about her dad, saying his passing shaped her the most.

    And that it took a long time to understand what happened.

    She also said that she still feels like he's going to come home.

    The moving dance was flawless and scored a 28 out of 30.

    And after it ended, Bindi broke down, telling the judges it was "for my dad and for my family, for everyone back at home."

    Judge Bruno Tonioli described the performance by saying it was like her father was there "every step of the way."

    He also summed up what every single person was thinking by adding that the "world is proud of you."

    Bindi later shared a sweet throwback, captioning it with "I love you. Thank you for always being with me, wherever I go."

    Keep doing us proud, Bindi, we're all cheering for you.

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