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15 People You Might Have Forgotten Were On Dancing With The Stars

Zendaya. Mark Cuban. Kim Kardashian. Rob Kardashian, even.

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1. Zendaya

When was this again? Season Sixteen (2013)

How'd they do? Great, obviously. Just as she she does every single day, Zendaya slayed the game. Sure, it's still a semi-travesty that she ended up losing first place to Kellie Pickler. But did Z really need a discoball trophy to remind the world that's she's a boss-ass human being? No way.

2. Billy Ray Cyrus

When was this again? Season Four (2007)

How'd they do? Not great but not the worst, either. Billy Ray placed in fifth place — not bad for a man who accidentally pulled of the wig of his dancing partner (above).

3. Lil' Kim

When was this again? Season Eight (2009)

How'd they do? Lil' Kim was obviously fierce all season long: her fashion, her hair, her music choices — all great! She got consistently high marks throughout and finished in an admirable fifth place.


4. Mark Cuban

When was this again? Season Two (2006)

How'd they do? He was eliminated fifth! Since Cuban is one of those "everything he touches turns to gold" type of people, do you think he was annoyed? Actually, now that I'm thinking about it... why did he agree to do this in the first place?

5. Hope Solo

When was this again? Season Thirteen (2011)

How'd they do? Hope's skills more than transferred over from the soccer field to the dance floor rapidly and with ease. She and her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy came in 4th place.

6. Steve Wozniak

When was this again? Season Eight (2009)

How'd they do? Steve and his partner Karina Smirnoff were eliminated 4th this season — but Steve packed a lot of action into those few episodes. He rocked Converse sneakers, held a rose in his mouth during a tango, and leaned into the geeky stereotype. Steve, we salute you: We never would have expected to see you here.


8. Joey McIntyre

When was this again? Season One (2005)

How'd they do? Third place! Which, honestly makes sense since he's New Kid (on the Block) and has lots and lots of dancing experience. High marks all around, and well deserved.

9. Steve-o

When was this again? Season Eight (2009)

How'd they do? Steve-o was eliminated sixth, but he made up for his poor scores with wild, striped outfits and unmatched enthusiasm.

10. Nancy Grace

When was this again? Season Thirteen (2011)

How'd they do? Nancy placed fifth in the season but first in our hearts. Five years ago it was crazy to see a softer side of the loud HLN anchor known for screaming "Tot Mom!" at the top of her lungs but she won over the judges as well as America... for a short amount of time, at least.

11. Master P

When was this again? Season Two (2006)

How'd they do? You could tell Master P wasn't super feeling being on the show, but he still managed to hang around for four full weeks before getting the boot!


12. Kelly Osbourne

When was this again? Season Nine (2009)

How'd they do? You could see a flash of terror in Kelly's eyes during her routine every now and then, but she made it all the way to third place. Though you could tell she was committed AF to dancing, I have to wonder if she was ever rude to the wardrobe department...

13. Harry Hamlin

When was this again? Season Three (2006)

How'd they do? Despite the confidence he displayed he actually didn't do so well. Harry was the third person to be eliminated that season. However, it wasn't enough to scare off his wife Lisa Rinna from joining the cast a year later!

14. Rob Kardashian

When was this again? Season 13 (2011)

How'd they do? Um, Rob and his partner Cheryl Burke were so impressive throughout the season that they CAME IN SECOND PLACE. Can you even imagine what might have happened if they placed first?

15. Kim Kardashian

When was this again? Season 7 (2008)

How'd they do? TERRIBLY! Let it be known that dancing is one of Kim's fears (remember this?) which was chronicled heavily during the earlier seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Still, Kim was eliminated third — right after Jeffrey Ross and Ted McGinley — which means, yep, Rob finally beat Kim at something on a nationally-televised level! (You go, Rob.)