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"Dancing With The Stars" Crowned Their New Champion Last Night, And Twitter Is Totally Divided About It

It looks like the heat went from the dance floor to the keyboard.

🚨Warning: This post spoils the winner of Dancing with the Stars Season 31!🚨

After 10 weeks of intensive dancing, colorful costumes, and a whole lot of tears, Dancing with the Stars officially crowned their Mirror Ball champion last night!

It was down to the final four couples, Shangela and Gleb Savchenko, Wayne Brady and Witney Carson, Charli D'Amelio and Mark Ballas, and Gabby Windey and Val Chmerkovskiy, with each couple performing a redemption dance and a freestyle number before the winner was crowned.

After Shangela and Wayne were knocked out of the competition due to their lower scores, it all came down to Gabby vs. Charli. But to no one's surprise, since she's been at the top of the leaderboard since the show began, Charli and Mark came out on top!

Though Charli is known for her TikTok dances, she was a competitive dancer for almost a decade before blowing up on the app. However, Charli has alluded to the fact that dancing didn't bring her as much joy as it used to when appearing on her family's reality show, The D'Amelio Show.

Her final DWTS performance seemed to be a love letter to falling in love with the art again as she and Mark danced in many different styles, which made the crowd, and judges, extremely emotional. It's no wonder that this performance earned her another perfect score and sealed her fate to become the Mirror Ball champion!

Charli and Mark's Freestyle, falling back in love with dancing again. #DWTS #DWTS31 #DancingWiththeStars #DWTSFinale

Disney+ / Via Twitter: @OfHeroine

However, not everyone was excited about Charli's victory. Fans quickly took to Twitter to air their grievances about what they saw as a "controversial" win:

was Charli’s dance good? yes. do I want her to win? no. #DWTS

ABC / Via Twitter: @ksthoughtss

Final thoughts #DWTS Gabby grew into a beautiful dancer Charli was handed the trophy since day 1 Shangela was robbed ! Goodnight 😒

Twitter: @JunebugIIIII

"the winners are...charli and mark" omg who woulda thought?? #DWTS

Netflix / Via Twitter: @yEeyEe006

shangela didn’t win so i blocked charli d’amelio on tiktok #DWTS

Twitter: @McKenzie_Han

*me acting shocked that charli damelio won dancing with the stars even though she’s literally the most famous dancer on the planet* #DWTS

Twitter: @JaevonWilliams

the judges ignoring the fact charli has over 10 years of competitive dance experience and the biggest social media following out of everyone #DancingWiththeStars #DWTSFinale

Fox / Via Twitter: @hooliejuli

not charli getting by with them stiff ass shoulders when shangela and wayne get ripped apart for breathing wrong #DWTSFinale

Twitter: @mxmopeaches

One thing about me is I’m a hater. Gabby deserved 10s. She was an ICU nurse during the pandemic… Charli’s on tiktok. They don’t compare. #DWTS

Twitter: @alexisnicole97_

However, Charli supporters were quick to praise the TikTok star and commend her on the much-deserved win:

I feel like people are disrespecting Charli's win. She wholeheartedly deserves it. She is one of the best dancers we've seen on the show and was so consistent. Not to mention how stunning that freestyle was #DWTS

Twitter: @Maya_Palladini

lol not people complaining that charli won. y’all, every person in the finale had some kind of dance experience, yet the only one y’all want to pick on is charli. SHE DESERVED the win. It was EARNED. So happy for her. #DWTS31 #DWTS

Twitter: @bmbaileyy

Charli’s Freestyle was everything a Freestyle should be she put everything she learned this season into that routine and it highlighted what her journey this season has been an amazing routine Charli has just been incredible to watch all season #DWTS #DWTSFinale

Twitter: @ThomDWTS

You know what I wouldn’t even be upset if Charli won, she’s phenomenal #DWTS

HBO Max / Via Twitter: @kels_2014

charli and mark both helping each other fall back in love with dance and they won together😭😭😭 #dwts

Twitter: @trobedsknope

The little fist bump Charli and mark are so adorable please I’m so happy for them #DWTS

Disney+ / Via Twitter: @dixiesimagine

AND YALL BETTER PUT SOME RESPECT ON @charlidamelio NAME!!!! She did absolutely fabulous this entire season!!!! 10/10 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾 congratulations!!! #DWTS #DWTS31

Disney+ / Via Twitter: @KeepUpWhitMe

charli d’amelio and mark ballas seriously have one of the greatest partnerships in dwts history. every single one of their performances is a notable standout & you can tell how hard they work. they’re both absolutely brilliant & never fail to create magic in the ballroom together

Twitter: @pharaohjade


DIsney+ / Via Twitter: @evilvillanelle

charli and mark are so adorable with their win #DWTS


Gabby was an nfl cheerleader, Wayne was on Broadway, and charli was on… tiktok. But yeah Charli has an advantage over them all bc she’s a “professional” #DWTS

Twitter: @vinnyelizabeth

this season really turned me into a charli damelio apologist lol that girl is so talented and also really sweet and down to earth #dwts

Twitter: @blckwidowbrgade

Well, as Ms. Swift once said, "The haters are gonna hate, hate, hate." You just gotta shake it off! Congrats to Charli and Mark on their DWTS win!