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A Woman Died Of Rabies After First Being Misdiagnosed As Having A Panic Attack

The patient, who was bitten by a puppy while on a yoga retreat in India, is only the 24th rabies-related death in the US in the past decade.

I'm In Five-Figure Debt Because Of My Dog

When my dog was diagnosed with life-threatening cancer, I went into five-figure debt to pay for treatment. And I don’t regret it.

18 Very Goob Dog Posts From The Last Two Weeks

Pls forgive me for being out of office last week and not posting!!! To compensate, here are TWO WEEKS WORTH OF DOGGOS!!!!!!!!!


15 Things To Watch On Netflix During Your Winter Hibernation

From Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat to Queer Eye to To All the Boys I've Loved Before, there are plenty of viewing options to make you feel warm inside while the outside world is cold.


The 9 Greatest Tweets Of 2018 If You Love Chris Evans And His Dog

AKA the nine tweets of Chris' where he talked about his dog.

15 Dog Posts From This Week That'll Make Your Heart Go Thump Thump

I have so many questions for Mayor Max!!!!!!!!


These Puppies Know If You're Single

Are you single? The puppies can tell.

17 Dog Posts From This Week That'll Fill You With Goob Energy

*gives off overwhelming amounts of Chaotic Goob energy*

The Ultimate Gift Guide For Dogs And Dog-Lovers

Don't forget about your furry friend or puppy-parent this holiday season.

19 Reasons Rescue Dogs Are The Absolute Heroes Of 2018

Are you ready to meet your new best friend?


If You Were A Dog, What Kind Would You Be?

Admit it: you've always wanted to know.


Are You A Big Dog Or A Small Dog?

The Official™ test.


Decorate For The Holidays And We'll Give Your Dog A Festive Nickname

Only we know whether your dog is more Jingleboo or Santabutt.

26 Dogs Enjoying Their Very First Christmas In Their Forever Homes

From baby pups to senior rescues, these Very Good Dogs™ are enjoying their first Christmas in their forever homes!

32 Pet Owners Who Did The Absolute Most In 2018

*unapologetically orders pet trading cards online*

12 Lifesaving Tips For Traveling With Your Dog For The Holidays

No need to be nervous about hitting the road with your doggo this holiday season. Get prepared with some super-helpful tips that will leave both your tails wagging.

This Is What Santa's Reindeer Would Look Like As Dogs

But do you recall...the most famous mixed rescue of all?

26 Things About Dogs That Dog People Find Disgustingly Endearing

Seriously, what did we do to deserve these angel bbs?!?!?!?!?!

17 Doggo Posts From This Week That Pleased Me Greatly

Have YOU ever seen a golden-dachshund hybrid before?!?!?!?!

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