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    35 Teacup Dogs On Instagram That Are Small But Fiercely Cute

    The only teacups worth pouring into.

    Oh, dogs. They come in all different breeds and sizes, but they all truly deserve to be loved to the moon and back.

    Dog pictures are a rabbit hole worth wandering and a perfect not-so-wasteful use of your time. So, enough of the delay. Here are 36 teacup pups on Instagram that'll eat up all of your attention.

    1. It's the bow for me.

    2. Oh, those ears.

    3. Putting most yearbook photos to shame.

    4. The whole world in a hand.

    5. Taking hearts and control of moving vehicles.

    6. I give you the cute and camouflaged.

    7. The perfect little office helper.

    8. Fancy from head to toe.

    9. Dogs make nature look even better.

    10. Being small and adorable is exhausting.

    11. Bright-eyed and bushy-bodied.

    12. Little cuddle bugs all the way.

    13. Cuteness hardly contained in this frame.

    14. Small or big, the sass is strong in this one.

    15. Deserving of all the toys in the whole wide world.

    16. No adventure is too big.

    17. Is this technically a pom-pom?

    18. No better hat model. Period.

    19. All the fluff and cuteness at your service.

    20. Just give this pup all of the treats.

    21. Teddy bear or nah?

    22. In case you wanted to fall in love today.

    23. The smallest standing ovation you'll ever see.

    24. Exploring the world one little step at a time.

    25. Double (the tiny) trouble.

    26. Handhelds don't only apply to sandwiches.

    27. Bundle up, buttercup.

    28. The world's a better place with dogs.

    29. Puppies have perfect timing.

    30. Small dogs — enough to turn your heart upside down and all around.

    31. Not an accessory but certainly necessary.

    32. This needs to be a postcard.

    33. Object couldn't possibly be more adorable than it appears.

    34. Sometimes the entertainer must be entertained.

    35. Looking like a little cub.