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    Dogs Want You To Stand Guard For Them While They Poop, And 10 Other Dog Psychology Facts I Learned From This TikTok Account

    Apparently, dog yawns are different than human yawns???

    This is Millie, a greyhound who was rescued from dog racing when she was almost 2 years old. A cutie patootie with a lil' snootie, right?

    Well, since adopting Millie, Millie's mom, Taylor Menolascino, has made it their mission to raise awareness for greyhounds and even teach people a thing or two about dog psychology through TikTok!

    A lot of the facts they share are really fascinating — and absolutely adorable!!! — so here are some of the coolest dog facts I've learned since following Millie:

    1. "Whenever your dog looks deeply into your eyes right before they poop, it means they feel vulnerable and they trust you to keep an eye out for them."

    TikTok / @milliethenoodlehorse

    2. "Dogs will actually sneeze when they're play-fighting."

    TikTok / @milliethenoodlehorse

    "This is to show that they're just playing around, and they don't actually want to hurt you."

    3. "Whenever your dog leans on you and put their whole body weight on you, that's actually their way of hugging you and telling you they love you!"

    TikTok / @milliethenoodlehorse

    Here's the TikTok in full:

    4. "Dogs yawn in order to reduce stress and anxiety, which helps them calm down and remain comfortable."

    TikTok / @milliethenoodlehorse

    5. "Dogs have best friends."

    TikTok / @milliethenoodlehorse

    "Dogs love humans and other animals too, but any dog owner can attest that they have one true best friend. They're loyal to one, and that's the dog owner."

    6. "Dogs can fall in love."

    "When a dog looks at their best friend and owner, their brain releases a hormone called oxytocin, also known as the love hormone."

    7. "Dogs think humans can do no wrong."*

    TikTok / @milliethenoodlehorse

    " if you accidentally step on your dog's paw in the middle of the night, chances are they'll think it's on purpose."

    *However, this has recently come into debate!

    Here's that TikTok for ya:

    Taylor and Millie even decode popular dog sleeping positions and what they mean!

    TikTok / @milliethenoodlehorse

    8. For instance, The Donut/Fuzzy Bagel is done to "preserve body heat and protect vital body parts."

    TikTok / @milliethenoodlehorse

    9. Or The Burrower? If your dog sleeps like this, they're looking for "comfort and security," and they often need "lots of attention and affection" to get them to fall asleep.

    TikTok / @milliethenoodlehorse

    10. As for the Side Sleepers out there, it means they feel "safe, relaxed, and are at a comfortable temperature."

    TikTok / @milliethenoodlehorse

    11. And if your pup sleeps in The Cuddler position, it means that "they trust you and see you as one of the other dogs."

    TikTok / @milliethenoodlehorse

    Here's that TikTok!

    So, if you liked these cool dog psychology facts and want to know more (and/or just see more of the gorgeous Millie!), be sure to follow Millie on TikTok!!!