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    26 Helpful Charts All Dog Owners Should Have Bookmarked

    *Adds to bookmarks expeditiously.*

    1. This dog body language translation chart to help you decode your pup's many strange behaviors!!!

    2. This guide on how much exercise your dog's breed should get every day:

    3. This incredibly insightful chart on how dogs sleep (FACT: Dogs don't follow a binary sleeping pattern like we do!!!):

    4. This adorable chart on where the world's dog breeds are from originally!!!

    5. This graphic on dog breeds and their many varying characteristics:

    6. This cute guide on the benefits of positive reinforcement training!!!!

    7. This chart on how dogs age, with Tom Hanks as the reference, naturally:

    8. This quick lil' dog leash etiquette lesson:

    9. This how-to on the Heimlich maneuver, aka how to help your dog if they're ever choking on something:

    10. This potentially lifesaving info on heat stroke:

    11. This handy-dandy dog barking decoder:

    12. This infographic on the most common health issues for popular breeds:

    13. This fascinating chart on wolf-to-dog evolution!!!!!!

    14. This VERY bookmarkable guide on car safety for pupperinos!

    15. This brief explainer on puppy dog eyes, among other things!

    16. This helpful chart on which fruits your dogini can and can't eat:

    17. And this chart on lots of other safe and not-so-safe foods!

    18. This easy-to-digest chart on the different types of service dogs, for anyone who might be a little confused:

    19. How to do CPR on your dog (in case of emergencies):

    20. This chart on which over-the-counter meds should be OK to give to your pup (but be sure to double-check with your vet, just to be safe!):

    21. This chart on how to properly clean your stimky one's ears:

    22. This guide on how to train your dog with hand signals:

    23. Of course, we had to include a tail translation chart!!!

    24. Need more info on dog behaviors? How about facial expressions and noises?!

    25. This Chew-o-meter™ for anyone who needs help picking out a new chew for their fur baby!

    26. And lastly, this sweet lesson on filling your dog's "emotional cup":

    H/T: r/CoolGuides.