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    36 Of The Wrinkliest Dogs On Instagram That Are Giving All The Rolls

    Rolls, rolls, and more rolls.

    Dogs are the absolute cutest, but nothing beats petting a pup that's as wrinkly as can be.

    The more rolls the better when it comes to fur babies. Here are 36 pups that are rockin' the wrinkles.

    1. The unbothered and wrinkly vibes have reached maximum levels.

    2. Wrinkles, meet gravity.

    3. It's the content grin for me.

    4. Bright-eyed and forget the tail. Peep the wrinkles.

    5. The sleepy eyes accentuate the wrinkles.

    6. Is it even possible not to cuddle this face?

    7. Can't beat so fresh and so clean face rolls.

    8. Who you callin' wrinkly face?

    9. All the rolls — take it or leave it.

    10. The cutest creases you ever did see.

    11. Wrinkly Wednesday trumps Tongues Out Tuesday.

    12. Friends that wrinkle together stay together.

    13. Baby bulldog rolls are irresistible.

    14. Sleeping because being adorable is exhausting.

    15. On Wednesdays, we wear wrinkles...and pink.

    16. Don't let the fur fool ya!

    17. Partial sploot, back rolls, and repeat.

    18. Nope, not done quite yet.

    19. Likely received a master's in the art of having a squishy face.

    20. The sleepiness and wrinkles are real.

    21. Puppy wrinkles make no sense, but all of the sense.

    22. There's no resisting those creases.

    23. Please hold: Rolls are loading.

    24. The more rolls the merrier.

    25. Can I just keep all of them?

    26. Give me all the head tilts...and wrinkles.

    27. Do not disturb. The rolls are resting.

    28. Can we just agree that dogs are the absolute best?

    29. I can't handle all of these puppy creases and folds.

    30. The side-eye is a bonus.

    31. The best kind of wrinkly overload.

    32. I could look at this face all day.

    33. Wherever these wrinkles go, I'll follow.

    34. Could a profile be any more perfect?

    35. The admiration is self-explanatory.

    36. Thank you. These wrinkles will be here all week.