36 Dogs With The Cutest Big Ears On Instagram That Probably Hear Satellites Move

    Go big or go home.

    There are plenty of characteristics that make dogs adorably stand out. Whether it's a funny walk or a birthmark, it's an endearing quality that never really fades.

    I know I say this all of the time, but we don't really deserve dogs. But, hey, I'm happy that they're around. So, to add to your rundown of scroll-bait that keeps you from doing work, here are 36 pictures of dogs with big ears.

    1. The perk is real.

    2. All the ears. All the time.

    3. Are you talking to me?

    4. Ears up. Tongue out.

    5. The head tilt simply accentuates the ears.

    6. Sounds don't stand a chance.

    7. Hey, did you say something?

    8. I'm bringing droopy back.

    9. More ears? No problem.

    10. Gimme, gimme more (ears).

    11. Please hold. Ears are loading.

    12. Two perky ears. Endless conversations heard.

    13. The category is ears.

    14. Big ears need rest too.

    15. No need to come closer. I hear you.

    16. Listening like it's no one's business.

    17. The evolution of perky ears.

    18. How can you not smile at those ears?

    19. Did you say cuddle time?

    20. Say that again. I wasn't listening.

    21. Why do humans talk so much?

    22. I wonder if their cable is free?

    23. The ears always catch up eventually.

    24. There's nothing mini about these ears.

    25. Yes, they're all natural.

    26. Proportions who?

    27. Make room for the ears. Please and thank you.

    28. Did you hear that?

    29. The more ears the merrier.

    30. No chance hiding these from anyone.

    31. Unimpressed, but listening any way.

    32. These big ears have fluff too.

    33. Nothing beats little dogs trying to grow into big ears.

    34. Not the puppy dog eyes AND big ears. So unfair.

    35. Happy ears. Happy life.

    36. None of your secrets are safe, but that's alright.