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9 Tips For Dog Parents Who Have To Go Back To Work

Woof. You can do it!

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It’s hard enough to go back to the office. What do you mean I can’t wear pyjamas all day? Worrying about the furry floofs in your life doesn’t make it any easier. Here’s how to make the transition easier on your bebes — and, let’s face it, you.

woman working at laptop with a dog on her lap

1. Create A Routine

collie dog getting a head rub

Pets love predictable routines. Setting a consistent time for walks, meals, and playtime is hugely reassuring for them. They know nothing is going to get in the way of their early morning walk or after-dinner cuddles. And more cuddles. ALL THE CUDDLES.  

2. Practice Leaving The House

woman in glasses with dog licking her face

It’s a huge adjustment for a dog to go from nonstop companionship to 8+ hours alone. Practice by starting small with just 30 minutes. Focus on calm, affectionate returns that lavish praise on good behaviour.   

3. Let Them Look Forward To Alone Time

bull dog snacking on a bone

Who says that dogs can’t be introverts? They might actually love alone time, especially if it’s filled with stimulating fun like puzzle toys. Some dogs also find television sound soothing — or maybe that’s just an excuse to see what The Littlest Hobo has been up to lately.  

4. Up The Exercise

man tying his shoes on an outdoor run with big retriever beside him

A tuckered-out pooch is a happy pooch. Increase your morning walk and add in some jogging, park play, or ball chasing. They’ll enjoy some quality snoozing when you’re gone. BTW, don’t forget to ask your boss about adding a nap suite to your workplace. You're gonna need it.  

5. Get Savvy With Storage

dog in a pile of dirt after digging up some flowers

Mischief might happen when your normally good boi or grrl adjusts to their new independent time. Minimize the mayhem. Hide garbage, compost, and recycling. Put your new work shoes up on a shelf. And consider closing off washrooms, with their tempting tissues and oh-so-delicious toilet water.  

6. Have Hearty, Healthy Meals

dog in kitchen snacking out of a red bowl

Being fuzzy and fluffy is hard work! Your dog needs a great meal after a long day just like you do. Fresh, healthy dog food from Kabo is nom-worthy (for them) and super easy (for you). No more hauling huge, heavy bags of boring kibble up the stairs.  

7. Set Up A Special Feeding Zone

bull dog munching from a big bowl

What dog doesn’t deserve a special place to eat? Before returning to work, consider setting up a new food zone that’s far away from human interaction. It sends Fido the message that you don’t need to be nearby for them to enjoy their food.  

8. Enjoy Puppy Play Possibilities

group of dogs at a dog park

When local regulations permit and you feel comfortable, consider occasional visits to a doggy daycare centre. It’s fun socialization for them and peace of mind for you on long workdays. And that feeling when you and your bestie are reunited at the end of the day? AMAZING.  

9. Rely On The Pros

dog getting a belly rub from a vet

Going back to work is a big change for you and your furry family members. You’ll both have some separation anxiety as you adjust to yet another new normal. Your veterinarian is an invaluable resource should you feel the transition needs some support. Before you know it, you’ll both have smooth sailing.  

Tell us: Did you get a dog during the pandemic? Will you be going back to the office and leaving them at home? And, most importantly, how many photos are you going to stick up in your cube?

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