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    Just 22 Hilarious And Extremely Adorable Dog Posts

    We have some of the goodest boys and girls in here!

    1. This munchkin, who is capable of melting the coldest of hearts.

    2. This li'l one who deserves all the pampering in the world.

    3. These puppies, who have the softest, gentlest eyes I have ever seen!

    @dog_rates Iroh is another data point that proves Bernese Mountain Dog puppies are among the cutest things on earth.

    Twitter: @bunsenbernerbmd

    4. This good sir.

    5. This very confused Yoda.

    6. This sleeping cutie.

    Blessed your timeline with this cute dog ❤🐕

    Twitter: @wiishiit

    7. This perfect companion.

    8. This beautiful bespectacled good boi.

    9. This adorable pair.

    @dog_rates unsure if doggo or Sinatra

    Twitter: @pottsem

    RIP my ovaries.

    10. This corgi who is not the biggest fan of hugs.

    11. This majestic doggo.


    This is Pancake. She was admiring how cute you are when she had to sneeze. 13/10 say “bless you” or you’re blocked

    Twitter: @dog_rates

    13. This view that we wouldn't mind waking up to.

    14. This breathtakingly gorgeous furball.

    15. This awwwdorable derp.

    Twitter: @plushyslol

    16. This fella who definitely knows his priorities.

    17. These cuddle-worthy floofs.

    18. These friendly doggos who deserve a boop.

    my dog made a new friend (open for surprise)

    Twitter: @dovenymph

    19. This smol with an impeccable sense of style.

    20. This baby has my heart.

    21. This furry Sherlock Holmes.

    Once again my dog looks like she’s about to solve a murder mystery.

    Twitter: @mariskreizman

    22. And finally, this very talented good boy.