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    If You're Not Following Maxine The Fluffy Corgi On IG, Let Me Change Your Life

    It's the fluffy corgi butt for me.

    Maxine the Fluffy Corgi is one of the best things on my Instagram feed these days.

    Like so many other people scrolling their way through the pandemic, I found Maxine by chance, and I've been hooked ever since.

    Maxine travels the subways and streets of New York with her humans, and she tags along in a backpack.

    Did I mention that she is so insanely fluffy? Who wouldn't want to cuddle with her all day or carry her around?

    Maxine is obviously a fan favorite wherever she goes, and you can expect the phones to come out when she passes by.

    She's also unashamed to take a nap when needed or take vacations.

    I'm also convinced that her outfit coordination is quite frankly unmatched.

    Maybe I'm a smidge biased because I have a corgi, but Maxine's living proof that they really are entertaining.

    OK, what are you still doing here? You've gotta go get your own glimpse of that notoriously fluffy corgi butt.

    What's your favorite pet account on Instagram?