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    My Corgi Is Cute, But She's Broke...And One Of My Fave Best Friends

    Thankfully, money doesn't buy happiness.

    My friend gave me a little corgi named Chichi almost three years ago.

    I didn't know much about the breed, but this short stack was quick to show me all the sass, the hilarious antics, and, of course, the notorious corgi butt.

    We've grown super close since then, but she never has any money. I guess that's where I come in? Here are 20 times she proved that she's broke but still one of my besties.

    1. When I bought her a taco the first time we met and she has yet to return the favor.

    2. To be fair, I decided to dress her like a taco instead.

    3. When I asked her if she had a job yet and she just made THIS face.

    4. When I couldn't give her a ride to the dog park, so she carpooled with my husband instead.

    5. When she hogged the remote controller for the Nintendo Switch.

    6. When she doesn't share the toys I bought.

    7. When I opted for a yoga class, but she thought I'd be better off learning from her for free.

    8. When she gave Instagram modeling a shot.

    9. When I offered her a cheap snack and she wanted all the name-brand stuff.

    10. When she asked for a ride to her friend's house and completely ignored me when we got there.

    11. Did I mention that she hogs remotes?

    12. When she tried to borrow my clothes without asking.

    13. When she found out that students can get grants, so she tried to dress the part.

    14. When she pretended that she had a job while keeping me from doing mine.

    15. When she sleeps as if she has three jobs.

    16. When she had someone send me pictures of her during a getaway she didn't pay for.

    17. When I took her shopping for her birthday and she wasn't one bit modest.

    18. When she decided to press her luck and milk my parents, too.

    19. When I told her she was my photography muse and she was disappointed that a "muse" wasn't edible.

    20. When I brought up the idea of getting a job again, and I was given instant side-eye.

    Ultimately, she's a broke handful, but she's my handful and I love her.

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