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People Share The Weirdest Human Snacks Their Dogs Love

Can you blame them? Human food is pretty great.

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As the resident dog sitter for all my friends and family, I've come to appreciate each pup's unique personality. Recently, a dog who wishes to remain anonymous turned her nose up at a slice of high-quality cheese I offered her and this got me thinking — do dogs have different tastes in food, the way humans do?

Anna_Belova / Getty Images

I surveyed every dog owner I could get my paws on and here's what they had to say about the wild and wonderful human foods their dogs just can't get enough of.

SimonSkafar / Getty Images

"Ice. I discovered this when the ice machine spilled all over the floor, and my golden retriever went berserk. Now every time he hears the ice machine, he comes running."

—Beth R.

A dish full of fresh, cold water with partially melted ice cubes in front of a purebred long-haired German shepherd dog.
Skhoward / Getty Images

"My border collie lives for pickles. I too live for pickles so sometimes I wonder if I'm to blame for this."

—Mehnaz H.

Aeroshotpro / Getty Images

"My dog Seamus loves sandwiches. He will start whining every time we pass a Subway. I think he can smell the bread."

—David S. 

Woman eating a sandwich as her dog watches.
Kohei Hara / Getty Images

"Our dog Mitzi has a thing for dried bananas. When we go camping, I put them in our trail mix and I have to buy a whole extra bag of dried bananas just for her; otherwise she will be trying to get into our trail mix the entire trip.

Oh, she also LOVES steamed broccoli. That's a weird one."

—Demi V. 

Fotografiabasica / Getty Images

"My dog Minty (RIP) used to go crazy for carrots. Cheese? No thanks. Meat? Meh. Carrots? HECK YEAH!"

—Cian O.

A golden retriever dog smiles up at the camera with a carrot in its mouth.
Melanie Mittmann / Getty Images

"When my Westie was a puppy, my mom would spoil her by putting bacon on top of her kibble. Fast-forward six years, and she will not TOUCH kibble without bacon on it. The weirdest part is we had to switch to turkey bacon for her health so yeah, my dog is now fancier than me!"

—Jenna F.

Gypsy Picture Show / Giphy

"Raw spinach. If anyone is eating it, she will put her head on their lap and just groan and groan until they cave."

—Chris T.

Rasulovs / Getty Images

"Our dog Larry loves lettuce, avocado (which I think is actually bad for them), cream cheese, and smoked salmon. All in all, she has very healthy tastes!"

—Sophie N. 

A small black and white Chihuahua puppy lying on green lettuce leaves, illuminated by the bright summer sun.
Konada / Getty Images

"I mean...everything? Yeah. My dog has a strong preference for all food."

—Jason K. 

Discovery Access / Getty Images

Does your dog have any strange snacking habits that make you laugh? Let us know in the comments! And if you've got a picky pooch on your hands, check out these totally delish recipes from Kabo.

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