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25 Times Celebrities And Their Dogs Were Totally Relatable

Do you do these things celeb dog parents do?

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1. When Ariana Grande took a selfie with this handsome pooch.

2. When Reese Witherspoon dressed her dog Minnie in this cute costume.

3. Or when Katy Perry wore matching costumes with her fur baby.

4. When Selena Gomez celebrated her birthday with her dog Winnie.

5. When Julia Michaels did the peanut-butter-on-the-nose thing.

6. When Kendall Jenner tried to get her Doberman pinscher to look at the camera.

7. When Barack Obama gave his dog Bo a belly rub.

8. When J.Lo's son Max met his new BFF for the first time.

9. When Zoe Kravitz spent quarantine chilling with her photogenic dog Scout.

10. When Jennifer Aniston played with her new puppy's floppy little ears.

11. When Lele Pons' poodle went flying over her.

12. When Mark Wahlberg's pomeranian was in a bad mood.

13. When Priyanka Chopra did shoulder presses with her dog Diana.

14. When Taraji P. Henson Facetimed her French bulldog K-Ball.

15. When Hailey Bieber was jamming out with Oskie the Poskie in the car.

16. When Lana Condor shared a bite to eat with her pooch.

17. When Amanda Seyfried got a big sloppy kiss from her dog Finn.

18. When Paris Hilton's dogs waited at the door for her.

19. When Nina Dobrev spoiled her dog Maverick with a full-body massage.

20. When Zac Efron sat and had a chat with his adopted pup Maca.

21. When Zendaya took her dog Noon for a swim.

22. When Camila Morrone held her not-so-tiny dog like a baby.

23. When Ryan Reynolds looked at his dog Bax like this.

24. When Ashley Tisdale snapped this pic of her pup and pops together.

25. When Chris Evans taught his dog a new trick.

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