19 Dogs Before And After Getting Adopted That Will Make Your Eyes Well Up With Happy Tears

    Love seeing these pups happy.

    Disclaimer: While the "before" photos show these dogs during a very rough time in their lives, please know that they have since been adopted and are happy and thriving!

    1. This dog who had the most amazing transformation after just two months:

    2. This dog who went from scared and sad to the happiest pup around:

    3. This dog who shows that love can heal so many wounds:

    4. This now well-fed dog who still loves naptime:

    5. This dog who now has a tongue that just won't quit:

    6. This dog who's paying it forward:

    7. This dog whose transformation makes me want to cry:

    8. This dog who deserves all the naps in world:

    9. This dog who gets to run and play to his heart's content:

    10. This dog whose ears just won't quit:

    11. This dog with a million-dollar smile:

    12. This dog who has really grown into his bowtie:

    13. This dog who shows what just three months of love and care can do:

    14. This dog who really found his light:

    15. This dog whose coat looks shiny and new:

    16. This dog who's now a spoiled little smushball:

    17. This dog who got a new lease on life:

    18. This dog who doesn't even look the same after being taken in:

    19. And this dog who now gets to spend the rest of her days in snowy bliss.

    h/t: r/BeforeNAfterAdoption