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Show Us Your Really Big Dogs

We want to see videos of your big dogs!

There's only one thing better than big dogs...

A man holding a really big dog outside

...And that's big dogs who don't even know how big they are!

A big dog sitting on someone's lap on the couch

So, I want to ask you: Do you have videos of your dog who literally topples over you?

A woman dancing with her big dog

You know, the kind of video that may show off your big dog looking even BIGGER next to regular-sized things?

A big dog looking massive next to a kiddie pool

Heck, maybe you even have a video of your giant dog who literally takes up the whole couch.

A woman sleeping with her giant dog

Or maybe you've got something else entirely! If so, we want to see! Send us videos of your big dogs doing big-dog things, whatever that may be!

A big dog in the shower

Use this jotform (or the one below) to submit your best big-dog videos and to make me very, very jealous!

The best submissions will be featured on BuzzFeed's Facebook and Instagram pages!