17 Times People's Neighbors Made It Excruciatingly Difficult To Be At Home

    "They stole our basset hound."

    Recently, we wrote about some terrible neighbors who made living near them an absolute nightmare. The BuzzFeed Community had a lot to say, including telling some horror stories of their own. Here are some of their awful experiences:

    1. "I have an upstairs neighbor who has a bad habit of assembling furniture at 2 a.m. every few weeks. I can hear him swearing and struggling while I'm trying to fall asleep."

    2. "Every day, my neighbor's kid starts screaming loudly at 5 a.m. Her parents swear and scream back at her, but she continues yelling her head off at all hours of the day."

    3. "One time, my neighbors were so drunk that they yelled insults at my 3-year-old because we were on our balcony at the same time they were on theirs."

    4. "I once had a neighbor who hit on me in my apartment complex. I told him I wasn't interested, and after that, he started banging on my walls every time he heard me move inside my apartment."

    5. "Whenever a ball or balloon lands in my neighbor's yard, she completely flips out. Instead of giving the kids back their toys, she will stare at them through her window and even bark at them through her Ring doorbell."

    6. "One night, the neighbor below us almost burned our duplex down. She started boiling eggs on the stove and then disappeared. We put out the fire and moved away soon after."

    7. "I had a neighbor who would blast music till 4 or 5 a.m. every day, even on workdays. I asked her to turn it down several times, which she would do for five minutes before raising it back to full volume again."

    8. "We had neighbors who threw cigarettes and beer bottles into our backyard. My parents always had to check the yard for broken glass before letting me and my brother out to play."

    The mom in Rugrats says "There could be broken glass in there"

    9. "One time, my upstairs neighbor was burning incense on her balcony and it fell off her table, landed on my balcony, and burned a hole through the floor."

    Marge Simpson saying "The incense ruined my balcony"

    10. "My mother-in-law and another nosy old lady live on our street. Anytime we start our car, have a repair person over, or get a package, they either call or stop by to ask about it."

    11. "My neighbor collects severed deer heads and keeps them outside in our common area. I've called the health department and police many times, but they don't do anything about it."

    12. "My neighbors illegally converted their garage, which is just 3 feet from my house, into a church. They hold loud services in there every Sunday, all night long."

    13. "One time, I came home to find my neighbor urinating on the side of my house. He saw me pull up, looked right at me, and calmly walked away."

    14. "Our neighbors have been trying to burn down our house for 20 years. Every summer, they aim fireworks at our house — they succeeded once and set our attic on fire."

    15. "Our neighbor's teenager stole our basset hound from our backyard and kept him in their basement for a couple of days. They were caught when another neighbor spotted our dog in their backyard."

    Lost dog posters

    16. "Our neighbors would always leave their dog out unsupervised, and it would come to our yard to try to attack our dog."

    17. "My mother-in-law lives two doors down. She always goes through our garbage and recycling bins because we 'don't tell [her] anything and [she] needs to know what's going on.'"

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.