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    17 Terrible Neighbors Who Will Make You Grateful For Your Unproblematic Ones

    I would move immediately.

    Recently, Reddit user u/oilpaintroses asked people to share their wildest neighbor experiences, and the responses were so bizarre. Here were some of the most annoying, creepy, and awkward stories:

    1. "My neighbor dug up my nice flowers and replanted them in her own yard 15 feet away."

    2. "For the last 20 years, my neighbor has been sticking nails in people's tires in the middle of the night."

    3. "My neighbor is nice, but he's an eccentric stoner who eats my flowers."

    4. "I lived in a neighborhood with a homeowners association, and a board member sent me a letter saying my neighbor and I had to mow our lawns on the same day, cut the grass to the same height, and mow the same pattern to create uniformity."


    5. "I had a neighbor who ran a meth lab in his house. There would be lots of fighting and loud screaming at all hours of the night."

    6. "My neighbor impersonated a police officer and said we broke a law while pulling out of our driveway. She told us she was going to 'call it in.'"

    7. "My neighbor took my parents to court because he lost the homeowners association chairman election."

    8. "My neighbor obsessively picks leaves off her lawn, even if there's only one on the ground. She also yells at other neighbors who have leaves on their lawns."


    9. "My neighbor jumped in front of my car while I was driving to yell at me for going through his trash at night. I told him it was probably raccoons, not me, but he refused to believe me."

    10. "My neighbor was hopping my fence during the day when I was at work to use my pool. When I confronted him, he claimed he had an agreement with the previous tenant that he could use the pool whenever he wanted."

    11. "My neighbor in the unit below me used to send me rude letters blaming me for wild birds chirping too loudly in the mornings."

    12. "On the day we moved into our new house, the neighbor came over unannounced and started pointing out which trees in our yard he wanted us to cut down."


    13. "My neighbor tracks our every movement. Every time I get home, she'll walk outside and tell me I was three minutes late or two minutes early and then ask me why."

    14. "My neighbor thought I didn't clean up after my dog in her front yard even though I don't even have a dog. In retaliation, she picked up dog poop from all around the neighborhood and dumped it on my lawn."

    15. "My neighbor has taken it upon himself to be the neighborhood surveillance person. Once, I found him hiding in my bushes, spying on some other neighbors and taking notes."

    16. "My neighbor mowed my lawn without my permission, broke his lawn mower, and then asked me to replace the blades."


    17. "Every few days, my neighbor has disco parties for her cats in the backyard at 2 a.m."