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    35 Puppy Dog Eyes On Instagram That Are So Worth Doomscrolling

    The cuteness. It's a trap.

    If you're a dog person, you've likely fallen prey to all of their little tricks that get you to give them whatever they want.

    Giphy / Via

    The main culprit? Those notorious puppy dog eyes. These 36 pups know exactly what they're doing — and, honestly, I'm here for it.

    Giphy / Via

    1. Yes, I'll cuddle with you until the end of time.

    2. There's no resisting this face.

    3. Can I just stare into these innocent puppy dog eyes all day?

    4. Take all of my food.

    5. Is this a literal pout? No fair.

    6. Bamboozled by a doodle.

    7. Cancel everything. We're playing fetch all day.

    8. Eyes that make you want to smile and cry at the same time.

    9. The ears are certainly an adorable accomplice.

    10. How is all of that fluffiness and sweetness legal?

    11. The "I'll never get in trouble with this face" look.

    12. You might as well go ahead and surrender.

    13. The treats jar truly doesn't stand a chance.

    14. Certified puppy dog eyes, as you can see.

    15. There's no breaking this concentration.

    16. BRB, about to melt.

    17. Those eyes — you can get lost in them.

    18. Lazy, but effective puppy dog eyes.

    19. Do I sense some sass in those paws?

    20. Why so seriously cute?

    21. If those eyes have a say, no one's going back inside.

    22. All I see is an excuse not to go to work.

    23. So dreamy. Is this pup even real?

    24. Feeding fruit to this fur baby could never be a chore.

    25. Paws-itively wouldn't be able to let go.

    26. I'm talkin' to you. Give me treats.

    27. More belly rubs, please.

    28. When you're charming and you know it.

    29. Are you seriously trying to even resist at this point?

    30. A slayer of human emotions in puppy form.

    31. Yes, you can feed the model.

    32. The little cowlick is a co-conspirator.

    33. First person to blink drives to Petco.

    34. Oh, to wake up to this little face.

    35. Happy pup. Happy life.

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