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    I'm Obsessed With This Cartoon Filter That Turns Your Dog Into A Disney Character

    Actual puppy dog eyes.

    This is my niece, Bonita. She looks like a Disney character because there's a filter on Snapchat that puts these cartoon eyes on people, but it turns out that it is actually perfect for dogs because LOOK AT THIS!!

    Every dog with the cartoon eyes looks like they are starring in Lady and the Tramp.

    Or Bolt. I mean, this dog with cartoon eyes is literally Bolt.

    Each one is cuter than the last.

    It's so perfect.


    I can't get enough.

    And while they are all really great in their own way...

    ...I must acknowledge the ones that don't quite work the way they should.

    This is really where the magic happens.

    So unique and outstanding.

    I love to see it!!

    Anyway, this is the only thing I'm interested in right now.