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Professionals Who Work With Dogs For A Living: Tell Me The Most Common Misconceptions About Being A Dog Owner

It's very possible that I'm too busy smothering my pup in kisses and pets to notice the things I'm getting wrong about being a dog owner...

I love my dog SO much. Getting home to see my pup wiggling with excitement and bursting into the zoomies because he's just too happy to see me is the best thing ever. Even though I love him and prioritize his health and happiness, I'm no professional when it comes to dogs. I'm just a dog mom doing my best!

Sure, I know the basics. We go on multiple walks a day and I give him lots of love — but is there more I could be doing to be a better dog owner? Are there misconceptions that dog owners have that dog professionals can plainly see? If someone works with dogs for a living, they might be able to notice something objectively that dog parents overlook.

I'm curious to hear from the dog professionals of the BuzzFeed Community! Are there certain aspects of dog ownership that people always get wrong? Whether you're a veterinarian, vet tech, groomer, walker, or trainer — I want to know what you think!

Maybe you're a trainer who knows a better method of potty training a new puppy other than just taking them outside, saying "Go potty!" and hoping for the best?

Are you a groomer who knows the best way to comfort a dog into allowing their nails to be clipped more comfortably?

Perhaps you're a veterinarian or vet tech, and you always see dogs coming in for common medical situations that could have been avoided if the dog owner had a bit more knowledge?

Let me know in the comments or through this anonymous form! Your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!