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9 Foods That Are Safe For Your Dog To Eat, And 8 That Aren't

You might be surprised to learn some of these.

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We all love to spoil our four-legged pals, but there are some foods we have to be careful with. Here are a few treats dogs can and can't enjoy.

1. Peas are safe and nutritious for dogs to eat! Dog food brands like Kabo use them in their recipes regularly.

a dog sniffing a bowl of peas
Kabo / Via

2. But you'll want to make sure to keep onions away from your dog, even if they're cooked. As delicious as they are to humans, they aren't safe for dogs to eat.

someone about to cut a sweet onion on a cutting board
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3. Strawberries are delicious and nutritious, for humans and dogs!

dog sniffing strawberry on dining table
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4. Rhubarb might be your favourite pie ingredient, but make sure your dog doesn't eat it! It's toxic to them.

rhubarb on a cutting board
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5. Luckily, bananas are A-OK! But keep in mind that moderation is important. You don't want to feed your dog a steady diet of any kind of human food.

Cropped hand holding a bright banana in front of a small dog with brown and white fur, looking at camera on blue background
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6. Although not all mushrooms are toxic, many of them are — so it's best to just avoid them in your dog's diet.

Person's hands holding mushrooms
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7. Good news! Blueberries are totally safe for your sweet pup to munch.

A bowl holding blueberries, with other blueberries lying on the table around the bowl
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8. Despite how similar they may seem to blueberries, grapes can make your dog sick. No grapes for doggos!

grapes in a basket
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9. Carrots: safe and nutritious.

a dog holding a bundle of carrots
Kabo / Via

You'll probably find carrots listed in a ton of dog foods, from kibble to wet mixes. Check out Kabo for their fresh and delicious recipes!  

10. Make sure macadamia nuts don't find their way into your dog's belly! Like chocolate, they are highly toxic to dogs.

a bowl of macadamia nuts
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11. Peanut butter, however, is a tasty treat that is totally dog-friendly.

a dog licking peanut butter off of a spoon
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It's also a great way to keep your pups occupied while you give 'em baths or cut their nails.

12. If you tend to cook with garlic, make sure your pup's not getting any leftovers — because it's not safe for them to eat.

a pile of garlic on a cutting board
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I'm starting to think "Dracula" could be a good name for a dog! 

13. Broccoli is totally safe for dogs to eat, but they might not find it the most appetizing.

a dog yawning while holding broccoli
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14. You'll want to keep lemons and limes away from your dog — though that'll probably be pretty easy, because dogs don't usually enjoy sour flavours.

a bowl of lemons and limes
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15. You'll probably see sweet potatoes in dog foods and treats — and that's because they're good for them to eat!

Sliced and whole sweet potatoes
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16. But make sure you aren't giving them any avocados. As delicious as they are for humans, they are a big no for doggos.

a person holding an avocado
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17. Meats like chicken, beef, and turkey are totally safe (and an absolute treat!) for dogs to eat. Check out these delicious recipes from Kabo that even the pickiest of eaters will enjoy.

a dog about to eat a meal on a table
Kabo / Via

Kabo provides fresh, nutritious, and locally sourced ingredients for all kinds of dogs. Subscribe today and find the right meal plan for your pup!

Check out Kabo's blog for even more info on what dogs can and can't eat. 

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