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    36 Pictures Of Dogs With Their Puppies That’ll Make Your Heart Implode

    Too cute.

    Dogs are literally the most precious things in the world. They usually want nothing but to be your BFF and their cuddle skills are next level.

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    Does it get any better? Yes, it really does. Lucky for us, dogs can procreate and basically hand down their cute ass genes.

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    I don't know about you, but spending the day looking at a whole family of dogs sounds like a 24 hours well-spent. Here are 36 pictures of dogs with their pups that'll grip your heart in the best way.

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    1. It's all of the spots for me.

    2. A dog mom (literally) at work.

    3. The cuddling will be strong in these ones.

    4. Proud parent is an understatement.

    5. Look at the little pom-poms.

    6. The cuddles--all of the cuddles.

    7. Too many puppies? Never.

    8. Don't sweat the technique.

    9. That smile says it all.

    10. A mother's work is never done.

    11. Breaks are so necessary.

    12. The sip is real.


    14. Pose. Feed. Repeat.

    15. Nothing miniature about this cuteness.

    16. Oh, the circle of life.

    17. Hopefully handing down those photogenic genes.

    18. Happy mama, happy life.

    19. Fluffiness has reached critical levels.

    20. Wait until the fluff settles in.

    21. The little back wrinkles are just too much.

    22. The best backpack ever.

    23. No days off.

    24. The smile says it all.

    25. They'll be thankful for that coat color some day.

    26. Effortlessly adding to the goodness in the world.

    27. Cue the violins.

    28. More corgis can cure anything.

    29. Hopefully they get mama's curl pattern.

    30. Here for all of the sass.

    31. Learning from the best, am I right?

    32. Big things to look forward to.

    33. They've got this whole parenting thing down.

    34. Duty calls.

    35. The long bodied crew.

    36. The mini mustaches are loading.