15 Dogs Who Would Win Any Game Of Hide And Seek

    Now you see them, now you don't.

    1. This dog became a floating head and partial body:

    Camo dog from pics

    2. This dog was playing with the air:

    3. This Dalmatian easily hid from Cruella:

    4. This dog got a bed she could melt into:

    5. This dog is part cow, apparently:

    6. This dog was too close to being stepped on:

    7. This dog performed the ultimate disappearing act:

    8. This white dog became one with the rug:

    9. This cookies and cream–lookin' dog blended in with the snowy street:

    10. This dog fused with their friend:

    11. This dog stayed as still as possible:

    12. This dog became a floating head:

    13. This poodle is obviously — but also not so obviously — there:

    14. This dog found the perfect opportunity to go full chameleon:

    15. And finally, this dog really disappeared:

    **Spoiler: **The dog is in the lower left quadrant of the photo.

    H/T: r/AccidentalCamouflage