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10 Things To Do With Your Dog In Ontario This Winter

Get ready to have a paw-some day.

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With the cold weather on the horizon, there's no need to let the chilly Ontario temperatures keep you from having an unfurgettable day with your pup. If you're running out of fun things to keep you and your dog entertained, read on to learn about 10 dog-approved activities to try in Ontario this winter.

1. Take a winter hike.

Woman on a hike with her dog.

2. Have a puppy play date.

Two dogs running with stick in their mouths.

3. Go on a shopping spree.

Young woman and a dog going for a walk with shopping bags.

4. Try skijoring.

A couple and their dog skijoring.

5. Go snowshoeing.

Young woman snowshoeing in woods with pet dog.

6. Grab your sled and hit the hills.

Parents with two small boys and dog enjoying winter outside.

7. Visit a holiday market.

Pug in a Christmas sweater at a holiday market.

8. Just play outside.

Border collie running toward camera while holding a red ball.

9. Prepare your pup a healthy, hearty meal.

Small dog eating a bowl of Kabo Hearty Turkey.

10. Bring the fun indoors.

Young woman playing with fluffy pet at home, dog jumping and trying to catch the toy.

We know that it can be tempting to let your dog hibernate the winter away with you but it’s so much better for their health to keep dogs mentally and physically active. And with a little creativity and planning, you and your furry bestie can stay fit and healthy despite the chilly temperatures.

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