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    Here Are 15 Of The Best Dog Posts I've Seen This Week

    SO GOOB.

    1. This week, this guy got what can only be described as The Shot™!!!!!!!!

    omg went for a walk and saw this man taking a picture of all his dogs and i almost cried

    Twitter: @taylorlarick

    2. Maui here became the FIRST 👏 EVER 👏 CONFIRMED 👏 SILVER 👏 RETRIEVER!!!!!!!!! 👏 (Okay, so this is an April Fools Day prank and he's not really silver, but he is really adorbs!)

    This is Maui. He’s the very first confirmed silver retriever. Experts believe his birthplace, near Mexico’s Peñasquito silver mine, could be a contributing factor to his unique coloring. Rare as h*ck. 14/10 would be an honor to pet

    Twitter: @dog_rates

    3. This beautiful art was put out into the world, and WE ATE IT UP!!!!!!!!!!

    Twitter: @passionpeachy

    4. Just — LOOK AT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. This pup inspired Luke Skywalker himself!!!!!!!

    Smart dog. I only wish I'd thought of hiding behind the couch when I first met him.

    Twitter: @HamillHimself

    6. This sweetums showed off her baby on her walkie. 😌 As she should!

    7. Dallas and Hank here did their best to manifest a bubble bath:

    This is Dallas and Hank. Dallas believes any bath can be a bubble bath if you try hard enough. Hank is his lifeguard. 13/10 for both

    Twitter: @dog_rates

    8. We were once again blessed with a heavenly dog name-rating TikTok!!!!!!!

    9. This lil' bean yee'd a haw, to say the least!!!

    10. This dogini worked in complete stealth, obtaining ✨THE EMPANADA✨!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Today is a good day to remember this Chilean dog stealing an empanada on live TV

    Twitter: @miblogestublog

    11. 🚨 THIS IS THE ONLY GOOD "I hate men, but when he..." TIKTOK. 🚨 PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    12. Pancho here gave us big Shark Tank energy, and YES, we would most definitely INVEST!!!!!!!

    This is Pancho. He sees you have offered him one (1) bone. Politely proposes a counteroffer of seventeen (17) bones. He awaits your decision. 13/10

    Twitter: @dog_rates

    13. She was _THAT _👏 _GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! _👏

    14. This weenie bean demanded ✨SPICE✨!!!!!!!!!


    I just prefer the finer things in life. Anyone else relate??😅 #dachshund #puppy #FreeFreeDance #wienerdog

    ♬ the real sorority check - elizabeth the first

    15. And lastly, we'll just leave you with this 😌:

    have you ever seen a butterfly playing with a puppy before? well now you have 😭🥺🦋

    Twitter: @keatxngrant