You Might Be Ruining Your Dog's Trust And Not Even Know It

    Trust can be built and broken.

    As we all know, trust has to be built, and it's not incredibly easy to get back once it's broken.

    Remember, trust is a two-way street, so let's get down to the other side of that — breaking trust. This isn't just a human thing. It can be broken with your dog too. Taylor Barconey and Jio Alcaide came back to share how you can potentially ruin trust with your dog.

    1. Forcing your dog to do things they don't want to do often.

    2. Forcing your dog into a lot of situations they don't like.

    3. Taking their things away a lot.

    4. Not listening to their body language.

    5. Not being an advocate for your dog.

    6. Ignoring your dog's needs, desires, or genetic predispositions.

    7. Being overly corrective with your dog.

    I don't know about you, but all of this distrust talk is making me want to go hug my dog. Feel free to do the same (if they're into that, of course).