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    These Dogs Were Definitely The Best Part Of These Weddings

    No wedding is complete without man's best friend.

    Weddings are a time to celebrate with the most important people in your life — and that should absolutely include dogs too.

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    Here are some of the cutest canine wedding guests...

    1. This good boy had to stop for some scratches while walking down the aisle.


    He ran to his dad down the aisle - but got some pets first of course 😍 #fyp #foryou #dog #dogsoftiktok #petsoftiktok #wedding #goldenretriever #cute

    ♬ Put Your Records On - Ritt Momney

    2. Gabs absolutely nailed her job as ring bearer.


    One more shot of the absolute best ring bearer/flower girl 🥺 #fyp #foryoupage #goldenretriever #dogtrainer #wedding @thewildsvenue

    ♬ Here Comes the Sun - Acoustic Guitar Revival

    3. I can't get over this guy's little tux and special carrier!

    4. Must not get distracted by squirrels...OK, maybe just for a second.

    5. Monty and Milo cruised down the aisle in the sickest wheels:

    6. Mommy/doggy dances need to be a thing.

    7. Like, come on! It's too cute.

    8. I am all about this guy's trot down the aisle.

    9. Nothing better than a mid-wedding cuddle session.

    10. Forget a bouquet! All this bride needed was her pup.

    11. This flower girl was two years in the making!

    12. This pup just wanted his own veil for the ceremony.

    13. Zizo was so excited that he could barely contain himself!

    14. This pup even got involved in the first dance!

    15. Luella got to make her own special entrance at the party!

    16. Quinn got to see the bride even before the groom did!


    Groom brings good girl to the first look 😢 #wedding #weddingvibes #weddingvideographer #dog #firstlook @ashleybeephoto @justinalexanderofficial #cute

    ♬ Worship Instrumental - Instrumental - Adrian Jonathan

    17. This pup walked himself down the aisle, no problem.

    18. Sunny had the best day ever at her pawrent's wedding.

    19. The bulldog perfectly matched the wedding vibes.

    20. This pup had the best seat at the wedding — right on the bride's train!