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    16 Of The Best Dog Posts That Blessed The Internet This Week

    Just some teeny-weeny beanies, that's all!!!

    1. This Frenchie bb enjoyed a nice morning pick-me-up!!!!!!!

    Twitter: @johanaliciouss

    2. This lil' subway rider by day, but ✨Cinderella✨ when the clock strikes midnight!!!!!!!

    a woman on the train let me take a photo of her dog and she was talking about how sometimes she loses her little booties on the street “like cinderella” but then she turned directly to the dog and said “but no sex for you! no sex! no sex for you ever!”

    Twitter: @zachsilberberg

    3. This Photoshop job that is all too real for dog parents!!!!!!!!!

    them: u let ur dog on the furniture???? 😮 my dog:

    Twitter: @97Vercetti

    4. This sweetie beanie brought attention to a pressing issue: Zoom meetings running over into dinnertime!!!!!!!!!!

    5. These two One-Eyed Wonders™ became friends!!!!!!!!!

    she met another dog with one eye i’m crying 😭

    Twitter: @helen

    6. Meyer here who *INSISTED* on having a hand to hold while en route:

    This is Meyer. He has to hold somebody's hand during car rides. Also wearing a seatbelt because he’s responsible as h*ck. 14/10 safety first

    Twitter: @dog_rates

    7. This groomer's literal HEART-STOPPING typo:

    Twitter: @jdahall

    8. Meryl REALLY got into her newest role!!!!!!!

    Twitter: @dgellis0907

    9. Chewie here enjoyed a lovely summer float!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is Chewie. She is 16 years old, and paraplegic due to a neurological deficit. Her favorite thing to do is float. Her second favorite thing to do is take a nap while she floats. 14/10 #SeniorPupSaturday

    Twitter: @dog_rates

    10. This lil' pupperini bonded with their smallest hooman!!!!!!! 😭💖

    11. Winston here spent his afternoon organizing his beloved Frisbees:

    This is Winston. And these are his frisbees. He likes to organize them after playtime. Sometimes it takes a while. 14/10

    Twitter: @dog_rates

    12. This one smiled for their fans!!!!!!!

    :) from aww

    13. This vet sent his daughter pics of his most adorable clients!!!!!!

    14. Obi-Wan was extremely disappointed by the undeliciousness of sand:

    This is Obi-Wan. He really thought the sand would taste better. 12/10 should’ve listened to Anakin

    Twitter: @dog_rates

    15. This teeny-tiny Plastic Bag Boye™ didn't let a little rain stop him from STRUTTING 👏 HIS 👏 STUFF!!!!!!!!!!! 👏

    16. And lastly, this sweet ol' boye showed his love for his lifelong best friend: